stop modding your pedal


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i was really pissed off when guitar stores or those adv her in soft

convert your SD 9 to TS9 with simple modd.... why cant they leave the pedals alone! a pedal has a life and characteristic of it's own....

every pedal got it's beauty,

apart many cheap numbers of DS-1. it;s ok if you wannt modd,
Just had a bad experience modding your pedals??? Care to share to share them for the benefit the folks here.
aiyo.. just relax.. some pple mod their pedals all because they don't like the original factory-produced tone.. its all for the quest for the holy 'tone'.. 8) .. each of us have different ears.. so some sounds to us might sound heavenly to us.. but horrible to others.. tats y we mod pedals.. to sort of like push the pedals to its limits.. aniwae.. its just abt changing a few capcitators here and there.. usually it doesnt destroy the physical body of the pedal.. so dun start dissing ani pedal modders..

its their $ , their time , their pedal.

whatever they wanna do with it , is really up to them ? its the same like cars. some people are never satisfied with stock and they will mod the car to the extreme. for others , the stock is more than happy and they would do everything to keeep it tt way.
Hey i dun see why are u so upset bout it. U see more often than not, we mere mortals cannot afford boutique pedals. So the stock pedals we buy often miss out on things we want. Like more bass or mids, clarity.. etc...

Yes every pedals has its own characteristics, but the thing is that the 'cult status' pedals like TS-9 and TS-808 are really expensive. So people settle for cheaper alternatives of overdrives den mod it.

However i've heard a modded SD-1 which sounds amazing!!! Can beat a stock TS-9 hands down, and put it to shame. Hear it at Randolf's place.

For example a stock DS-1. This guy has less bass, very messy sounding, shrill high ends... So normally the mod would consist of enhancing bass, scooping the mids, adding gain, and definition.
I might agree with u the modding pedals to another model of pedal is quite weird, like wad u said. But more often than not the modding just involves enhancing here and there.

Even Randolf told me that though he can mod the SD-1 to sound like the TS-9 or TS-808, he wont recommend people to do that. Cuz even the stock TS-9 and TS-808 lacks something. So he mods the cheap cheap SD-1 to another animal different from the TS-9 and TS-808. They're still overdrives anyway... similar in certain properties.
One thing, u gotta agree some pedals do need a mod... WAHAHA.
Every pedal has its own characteristic, some just CANNOT MAKE IT!
Rufus said:
i find no wrong modding stuff... even mods have its beauty...

Yea, mods give a pedal/instrument character, makes it yours. Personalization really.
LOL.....Do I see Edwin or Randolf breaking out in sweat :smt103 , on the sight of the topic..... :lol: :lol:
regardless im still going to randolf's house to check out the modded pedals... already spent a chunk load of money on my pedals... if can improve em... might as well do so!
Hahaha... well, I got my modded TS9DX back from Randolf....



Tone brother, tone... no more cutting up your bass and thining your tone... what goes in comes out as WARM SWEET TONE.


And I want more!!!!!!!