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  • hi there! my name is lineath and i'm a rapper from singapore! i'm 18 yrs old
    please check out my music over at my youtube channel:
    or like me on facebook:
    aaaa.. would it be too much to ask to be featured on the homepage of
    if it is possible could you please put me on the featured list? so please can see me more easily?
    thank you very much soft!
    I saw the message about helping softies on NEA.
    I dunno why I can't post the comment into it.
    So I write personally to you.
    Take note that all the winning songwriters need to present their song on their finals(reference to last year compeition).
    They will be judge and be voted on that day.
    It is a live performance.
    If the songwriter cannot present the song on finals, automatically they will drop off the competition.
    All the winner bring their own band, and dancer too.
    If SOFT is sponsoring the recordings.
    Do take note of this.
    Of cos, you can read the details on the NEA website.
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