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  • Ei Shredcow!
    You had your 8string's neck refinished right? It was painted and you sanded it to barewood, after that what did you apply? was it oil finish?
    Hi ShredCow,

    Just wondering if you still give private guitar lessons and what are the rates.

    Thanks alot

    Yong-Sheng 81228805
    It should affect the dive-only setup floyds too. After all, the block is attached to the floyd - see?

    To begin with, if your floyd does not have a brass block - you'll experience more benefits than if your floyd came with a brass block.

    Note: Gotoh floyds & the stock floyds on the Yamaha RGX420 have brass blocks.
    Hi ShredCow.
    Do the bigger brass floyd rose block affect the sound of a one side (diving bomb only) blocked floyd tremolo?, or do it affect floating tremolo only?
    Hi ShredCow,

    Been browsing around the forums, and read you do guitar lessons. Do you still do private ones?

    hey daniel, this is simon here. i am interested to get your ty tabour guitar, is it still avialable?
    Hi Shred Cow. i was looking through the forums and found out abt the topic on MDC. i am currently an NSF. pes c2l2 and i am very interested in joining MDC. Please do tell me what did they look for in the auditions?
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