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  • i see. but the thing is i've been self learning the guitar for abt 2 years already and have not really done any sort of sighreadings ( except for piano but i aint that interested in the piano ) and i do not know all the fancy improvisations. i know picking techniques and the basics but i am willing to learn what they want me to learn. i love the guitar and i love performing. even 5 gigs a day will not be a problem for me. Do you think they will be willing to teach me the required techniques? Do i still have a good chance of getting in?
    Well, they need to... have a need for a musician 1st of all. There has to be a vacancy or a soon to be vacancy.

    Then its abt your skills - sight reading is tops. Nothing too complicated. Helps if you know extended chord voicings - like jazzy stuff, 13ths, 11ths, etc.

    That's it! :)

    You fulfilled the PES status already.
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