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  • Hi, I noticed you asked about a technical issue with the Boss RC-3 loop station. Can I ask where u got it? Is it on our shores already? Or you had it flown it from sweetwater or wherever?
    Was wondering if you still accceept doing relicingg services? May I know the approximate price and time needed for it? Thanks
    Gr3y mind tell me the guitar you're holding? that one that look like hofner bass and where can i get that?
    No i don't build from scratch. It is possible but i don't do it for public :)
    hey grey message u about the truss rod cover, wondering if u receved it?
    Hello Hifi182,

    It's not harmful to rotate the pegs faster then your hand can do. This is a common tool people use in factories and workshops. It saves them from getting cramps.

    If you are worried, bring the speed of your drill down or any battery operated drill should have less power naturally.
    hey , Im just curious about your winder DIY , is that will be harmful to the guitar? or to the tuner? coz u know the speed is damn faster than normal winder , thanx!!
    yo, john here who sold u the amp... Cld i check with u when i can get the cab back? Need it to test some amps :) Call me at93384940, lost ur number
    hi all,
    if my inbox is full, please email me at gr3ycs[at]
    In anyway, it's safer to reach me via email :)

    hello Gr3y,
    Do you still offer refinish service for guitars?
    Mine is a 3TS Fender P Bass, i wish to have it done in "Olympic White".
    how much would you charge for that? and how roughly long would you take to complete it?. Thank you.
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