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  • Hey bro, i dunno if u still use this acc but im intereste in a ge 7 mod. I wonder if u still do them? And also, could u contact me at 96458646?
    Hey Edwin!

    This is Kit. I hope you remember me. Anyway, i asked Keng wether do you make custom pedal. He told me to contact you personally.

    Anyway, i have your Omlabs Sahasrara. I love the pedal and wouldnt go for other overdrive. at first i thought of changing to a Fulltone Fulldrive, but later realise, i still prefer Om Labs Sahasrara tone. I kinda thought of having an Om Labs OD that function like FTFD, but, in Omlabs tone.

    So im just trying my luck, ask weather would you build an omlabs OD with midrange boost for me. Sorta like FTFD, but maintain Omlabs sound. Basically a double footswitch Omlabs OD.

    If you would help me build one, how much would that cost?


    GFS Mean90, GFS Lipstick, Push/pull - Both pickups in series. Search around the threads, I've posted in detail somewhere.
    ed bro.your squier 51 right,may i know what did you do to it?what pickups did you use and were you able to retain the push/pull function?
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