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  • ei white.. you know deTemple Titanium blocks? you know where to get em? and some cheap floyds for a project guitar?
    Some may be wicked, and some may be despicable. Only when I put myself in their position did I know they are more miserable than I. So forgive all that you have met, no matter what kind of persons they are cheap uggs .
    hi, judging by yr name i believe u are pretty experienced with strats right ? do u know how exactly how to see what kind of strats are gd ? and what are the difference of deep colored fretboards(rosewood) and those fair ones(dunno the name lol).. i would need someone advice from someone like you. Thanks alot =)
    Hi bro,

    I have been reading some of your post and noticed that u have good knowledge on strats. I actually need some advice and valuable input on a purchase i'm gonna make. Torn between the 2...

    I'm thinking about getting a pre owned 57 American Vintage Reissue or a brand new 2008 fender american standard. My queries are which one has a higher sale/re-sale value *stock*? Are the 57 AVRI's better for the buck?

    Hope you can give me some insight in this.
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