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  • Hi Guitar Junkie,

    Glad you liked the conversation on the 5150. Jerry Chua used to have one in his studio and the thing is bloody loud - just not my cup of tea though. I see from the visitor messages that you get asked all sorts of questions. Stay away from the tolex though - that's a one way road to hell!

    Hope you have a good week.


    aloha, how are u?
    im from singapore, nice looking guitar u got there...
    would like to ask, where do i order online for those coloured dimarzio pickups.
    ive searched but to no avail..
    most of the online companies dun do shipping to singapore..

    hey dude do you help to change tolex?
    i just bought my marshall amp dsl100 thinking of having the tolex changed to orange color ;D
    OUCH! Eh... did I reply you? I JUST saw my visitor messages... sorry abt the delay. Le me know if I've replied you... I think PM is a better way to get my attention. Hahahhaa....
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