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  • Hello mark, sorry to bother you again. I've actually gotten the problem checked and it's been confirmed that the problem lies with my amp. I've checked out a couple of amps as well and i'm contemplating whether i should choose the marshall amp for the sound or a beta-something amp for the effects and portable size both priced at $99.
    hi mark!

    hm... not yet. kinda busy with exams this few weeks. i'll try to get it sorted soon. thanks for your concern anyway. :D
    Hi Mark,
    There's a system on the forums where each registered user's account has a peer-review rating referred to as "reputation", the number you see in the top right of each post labelled "Rep Power". In the lower left of each post there's a little six-pointed, sheriff's badge kind of star where you can either add to or subtract from the poster's "rep power". Every registered user can do this to any other registered user, for whatever reason they choose. So in effect, it's just an indicator of whether the person's posts are useful, helpful, friendly, cool, etc, cause I don't think rep can fall below zero, and every account starts at zero.
    I noticed you've been very helpful and informative with your posts so I felt you deserved a +1, that's all. :)
    hi! remember me? i was just wondering, if the problem really lies with the amp, since i've not tried out my guitar on other amps yet, would it help to know that my amp model is suzuki 15RG?
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