lets be frank about bands ey?


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hey guys... my first post here..

i joined soft to basically speak my mind, i hope no one objects to me being opinionated, if they do, they should grow up really-

now, ES WAR EINMAL-- or whatever they're called, they're getting gigs now... and it's like, what the F^ck! they suck ass?... i just dont get it.. i mean.. i cant understand a word of what they're saying and their songs just aren't tight?... i dont get it

That whole powerjam thing?... i thought there were some OKAY bands, i really did... but the winners BARB?.. i heard them on the radio the other day... WTFFFFFF again... is it supposed to be out of tune.. as a gimmick or something>?.. i dunno...

n e way soft-ing people... please add

so then, if those bands to you suck, does that make you better? you think youre better than them?

obviously you dont appreciate other genres than youre fave ones. but i personally think they are a great band with great drums and great guitars. their genre is post-hardcore. and they sing like that.
i bet you dont know any of this. stop be conservative minded and rather try supporting them.

BARB: i have not listen to them. so i have no comments.

btw, NO vulgar language please.

I foresee that this thread will most likely degenerate into a bitching session and will not contribute to the forum.
i personally don't see a point in supportin' people when i don't like 'em? and anyway, this kinda thigns are very subjective..some people don't like SRV, some people like EJ, some people think B B King sucks..and stuff....no point talkin' about such stuff lah...just like i don't like ronin, some people do, i dun really dig metal/hc stuff, alot of people do...*shrugz*

I don't go around bitchin' about 'em (not much anyway :p)...and I don't tell people to open up their minds and accept somethin' they don't like...it's just plain ridiculous.

btw, I don't know who/what BARB is..and I don't know what post hardcore is like *shrugz*
wow, so slipkorn, which bands u think are good? or maybe how can those bands that u think are lousy improve? :lol: :lol:
welcome to soft too! :roll:
I think I understand where slipkorn is coming from. He has an emphasis on the technicality of the music.

And note, he isn't even talking abt major technicalities.. .shredding, double pedals and male singers whose vocal ranges rival Mariah.

But the basic things. Being tight as a band. Being in tune.

Personally, I don't care what band you are, if you perform/record out of tune, I wouldn't listen or support them. Why? Because if they can't manage even the basics of basics, they are not going anywhere. Thats my opinion.

So yeah. Guys, give skipkorn a benefit of a doubt before slamming him.
And guys, come on, giving critique don't mean you are trying to better the person you are critisizing.

Just get into the discussion instead of flaming. Even if the above mentioned bands are your favourites who inspired you pick up guitar and what not.
i do agree with slipkorn to a certain extent, many local bands is a sad case of self indulgence ie self gratification aka 'growl look at me i'm growling look listen i'm too cool' kinda music.

some of them are technically sound, some are respectable musicians, but more of them are wannabes who can't play well and seem to have misinterpreted music. to me.

music is definitely a language but perhaps to them it's a language of despair, desperation, angst and twisted adrenaline.

having said that, maybe that's what the young pple these days prefer.
ES WAR EINMAL.. or whatever they are called: Personally ive never heard them play before. I dun even know what post hardcore is anyways. But i guess even if they do really suck as u described, it's still possible for them to get gigs if the gig organisers think they can fit them into their gigs because of their genre. And sometimes it's more than just technical ability too, u need connections to get gigs. Apparently these guys have them.

As for BARB, well i kinda have some first hand experience with them. Y? Cos my band was the band playing right AFTER BARB played during the prelimiinaries of Power Jam. Talk abt pressure man. I personally find BARB's live sound v infectious, and they have a way to work the crowd. Instead of prepping for our turn, my band stood there and watched BARB wow the crowd. When it was our turn, u can imagine the nerves.

As for their studio recordings, nah nv listen to the radio for a v long time. If it's really because they are out of tune or what then they probably deserves some flaming. But if it's because tt u can't accept the genre, then u gotta be alittle more open minded man.
i second what slipkorn has mentioned. Just this year alone, i've walked past a few gigs held in youth park and at times, along the streets of orchard.

What i hear is mindless screaming which is irritating (pls take note that i do listen to a wee bit of growl stuff), bands who have members with their individual sense of rhythm. Worst case was punk bands who can't even keep music in time.

I do know ppl who do not embrace the 80's technical style of playing, but if your genre does not demand much from the musicians. Then why the sloppiness? Perhaps a lack of committment and conviction to the music, lack of jamming? Then pls do not look forward to gigs when you're not quite ready, it's a nuisance in public.

khai_stereotype said:

so then, if those bands to you suck, does that make you better? you think youre better than them?

I don't know about the others, but i usually put such comments off by thinking that person has a pre-PSLE mindset.

So you're quoting if you think a particular stall of nasi lemak is lousy, you must cook better than them? Or a particular brand of guitar like TGM is lousy, you can make a guitar better than them? Think before you comment.
you guys know what is the funny thing? i actually came to this thread because i saw it being mentioned at http://mrmisse.proboards23.com/index.cgi?board=bitch&action=display&thread=1135917953 . they are helping me to filter out some of the more 'interesting' thread on SOFT. weird as it may sound but they are really super hardworking people.


ok, about the thread starter's point about band playing badly, i believe this is due to the lack of proper training. some of the popular bands we see or hear from overseas have band members who has music degree or extensive experience. alot of the local bands are still in their infancy stage. some members just started playing for 1 or 2 years. the band might have gotten together for 5 or 6 months. no doubt you can play better with the proper guidance. but this guidance is usually not available.

another problem is that there are just tooo many gigs going on. i dont know why but it seems like it is the fashion. with so many gigs, we need more bands. if we can't get ok bands, we end up getting even the not-ok bands.

this is a vicious cycle.

band perform bad -> less audience -> less support -> no more music in Singapore
personally, i feel that even though some bands may not have technicality on their side, they really just want to make music,, and music isn't just all about technique, its about wanting to express yourself...

so even though some bands may suck, they will improve in time.. do give local music a chance to develop properly before criticising them..
Probably, slipkorn did not manage to put across his thoughts in a more appropriate manner.

Its not WHAT u say but HOW u say.

To digress a little,

There was once this king, who invited 2 fortune teller to foretell his fortune.
The first predicted that, he will die a lonely man as all his relatives n close ones will die before him. The king got so angry that he threw the 1st fortune teller to the dungeon. The 2nd, however told the king that he has such a blessed life that he will outlive all his relative. So yea see the difference?

Anyway back to the subj.

IMHO, there is absoutely no right or wrong in music. Some may feel that technical aspect is important in playing music, ie, being tight in terms of sound, chords, timing. Some, may feel otherwise. As long as the music turnover sounds great, great crowd rapport it is a gd band. Iam sure we have all seen these 2 types of bands. Music to me is a form expression, passion. Of course, being able to play damn well+ gd crowd rapport is ideal. Ive seen bands that played really well, each member of the band perform to their best, no mistakes. BUT there is no FEEL!? Feel to me is very important in the band. Just like i may walk past a band performing, n i`ll be like "this kinda music nice meh?" we may not appreciate the so called "mindless screaming" but to the performer, it is in them the form of expression in having the passion to play the music they want, and to the crowd that appreciates that, and that alone deserves respect. I may not dig their music but i`ll definately respect their music. So bottomline is, we may not like/dig a certain band coz we all got our own sense of expectations and preference, so lets respect all musicians from all genre.

Actually I agreed with what Slipkorn says, I'm not putting down on all the bands in Singapore, but there are jus too many shitty bands in Singapore. Again, I'm not saying I'm better than them. I may not be a pianist, but I can tell a lousy pianist apart from the good one.
As for me...

I see Singapore's music scene as very very encouraging. There are more musicians, there are more platforms for performances, and age group is getting younger. By default, I have an unenviable task of selecting bands whose genre and inclination are not my favourite. Not being a musician helps cos I have no biasness, so I listen to several metal bands, go through their bios, talk to them, go to myspace or yousendit again and again, and put forth my opinion to my committee as a LAYMAN. And I think this is important because it is the laymen out there that comprises the majority of population that musicians should win over.

The other unenviable task I bear is to provide platfoms for new bands to perform. Trust me, I have heard more bands singing out of tune than many of you here, and those screaming at Youthpark or Substations or Orchard Rd are just tip of the ice berg. But they show more sincerity and enthusiasm to their pursuit than many of our so call established bands. The quality of music is only part of the whole thing, and human factor is the other. If we want only to listen to super music with nano tightness, maybe a computer will suffice. The reality is we cannot produce a nation of musicians even if stringent training is incorporated. But we can procuce a nation of music lovers if we open up the horizon of our hearts.

There are serious people and there are those just for fun. Both their music needs constrctive criticism.

so yeah... might as well post some remarks... i'm suprised so many people are understanding wher i'm coming from, i've seen these threads go completely out of WHACK because of someone saying something that has been taken the wrong way-

i'd like to stress how i am NOT meaning to offend anyone i talk about, being opinionate is definately MY right and if you dont like it you might as well not argue just ignore it...

in no WAY did i suggest i was better than these bands although if you think about it, it WOULD be slightly hypocritical of me to slag people off for not being a tight band if i myself were not even tight or anything... either way... i'm just saying, and i'm NOT attacking people cause i dont like the genre "post-hardcore" "death metal" whatever you wanna call it... i mean, i've heard ESWAREINMAL recordings and i just fail to see how they get gigs... i mean... it's the BASICS of music to have something that makes technical and rhythmical sense... i mean it seems to me that people go to these gigs to lash out and push people around in a "somewhat" sort of mosh pit.. if thats the bands calling, then fine... but i fail to see why someone would buy one of their CD's... thats all i can say...

i'm not slaggin off local music in general... i dont exactly like pop or punk sort of stuff but i find electrico an amazing band... i mean.. they've got "IT" ... the thing that EVERY band wants, and no one will make it without it! even RONIN... two years ago i heard them at the peace concert and you just KNEW they were only gonna get bigger... i mean.. bands either have it, or they dont... i'm just pointing out who i think does...

someone said i should hear BARB live?.. i saw their live powerjam feed... it was... unflattering to say the least... it completley shocked me they one... surely someone else wass more deserving... ?!.. i dunno...
i dont exactly understand some of your comments SLIPKORN but he's exactly correct on the front that people should be frank about bands they dont like cause thats what the industry is like right? on the other hand, bands who aren't liked by one person shouldn't be disuaded from doing what they think is good?

If a band doesn't have the basics, they're not gonna make it.. amen to that.. but i'm pretty sure that with practice, even if you dont have what it takes to start with , it can be learned.

i wanna hear more local bands... can anyone post demo's on here :)
i hope the bands whose name are mentioned in this thread don't take the comment as bashing but as a proposal from fellow SOFTies to work harder. i hope their intention is so.

TylerDrake, check out http://www.soft.com.sg/radio