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  • I plan to sell off my Zoom H2 Recorder for $200. condition is 8.5/10.

    Plan to purchase the H4N. Interested? Let me know.
    Hey Shyamraj! It was fun to jam "sebab saya shotgun" with you at Clark Quay! Im Ray btw, from Topsy Kretts!
    Yeah bro i need everyones help in this . Pls pass me a way i could contact you ... thanks :)
    hey man saw the thread between you and james,i would love to work with you on that gig man,its been a long time since i heard of a gig with only to spread music as the main aim,
    hey kelvin.. thats awesome to hear .. well i'm not selling tickets but i think you should be able to get it from the door .. let the rest of zhonghua students know and ask them to come ok! and go download chaow chee bye from the tks website..
    hey deh, kelvin here from zhonghua , hey shld be going for ur gigg man , u selling tickets? cos i think my here alot of people going. just to support you ! CHeers (did not know tt u got softie acc. ) msn
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