first OM : improvisation.


hey guys. this is the first time i'm trying to improvise over a progression. got pretty depressed at school where there was this free jam thing and i couldn't hear myself. needless to say i played a countless number of bad notes.. and made a fool of myself. :cry: plus i was playing a 7 string + 24 fret guitar too which i have never done before in my life.. guess that's just an excuse 8O i've come to realise how much i suck at improvising.. went home and have been playing for the past 5 hours.

i hope to get some feedback?

recorded it using windows sound recorder + 3 dollar mic :(
"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" <-- Feedback from amp.

LOL ok cause u wanted some "feedback" haha.

ok la not bad man. thats a 7 string guitar? u using what guit? and what pedal?
no man - i'm using an sa260. that 7 string was back in school..

and i'm using a Korg AX1500g. It has this loop function..i'm just using the fat distortion patch to a Peavey Express 112.