Guitar Day @ SOFT Gathering - 1 March 2008


Dude, really? I am so sorry man. I must have been really sleepy. Only slept about 4 hrs the night before. I am sure i would remember you. Hit me a PM anytime to chat. Whats ur name btw?

LOL. You were the one who told the guy you loved Line 6? Haha, I thought they would give out free tuners but it turned out to be T-shirts?

Oh, anyway I'm Jay. I introduced you to the Gator bags! Haha!
What a great time it was!

Probably the best ever guitar clinic I've attended!

All performers were great, no holds barred when it came to sharing the wealth of information
that all possessed.

Simon's set was great, you gotta teach me that sweeping lick sometime!

I especially enjoyed Brandon's set, brother your playing is getting more and more awesome everytime I see you play! The tone from the THD was smokin'!!!!!

Paul, you blow me away every single time I see you play brother! You've still got that intensity I remembered back then when I took lesons from you as a kid.

Simon from Zero Sequence, your set was by far the most creative. Amazing to see how you draw inspiration from so many sources and gel them altogether in the band's songs.

Rosli, how I wish your set could be longer! I wanna steal all your chord substitutions!!!! You're a great player, I love your sense of groove and timing.

Thanks to James for organizing this, it's been a really great event, thanks for putting in the effort to put this up.

I'm really looking forward to the next one! :D
Though I only see the 1st 3 sessions before I had to rush back, I think the presenters are great.

Brandon, great to have u play thru the THD. Thanks to SoulJah, edo83, brandon too for helping us with carrying the heavy stuff. Gam dong le, drizzling but u guys still come and help :)

Mr James, you are going to post the videos right?

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I specially took off from work to watch! :D

James videos would be GREAT, so much to learn from the contributors.
James, I want that video! Haha, I think I need to catch their lessons again.

And yeah, I think Brandon's guitar is nice too.
Thanks guys. The guitar used to belong to mr snuffle. lol.

Yeah jay, i remember about the introduction to the gator bags. Sorry if i missed catching up with you.
i realy learnt alot of stuff tt day. thx soft and the 5 masters for having this great session. looking foward to the next geetar day.
I managed to catch Brandon's and Paul's set... gosh, can't believe I missed Rosli.... hehehe ... (sorry ah bro - botak here, had to rush elsewhere to earn some income...).... anyway, it was a fair turnout, a lot of familiar faces..... Finally met the man himself(James, it was nice meetin ya)..... Sound was pretty great, a little soft on Paul's set but it was well blended. Would have been nice Brandon if you broke down a little more on the scales, you had 'visited' a lot of hybrid in there. Anyway Brandon, your playing kicks ass..(especially mine...haha) The THD(TyMusic) had a killer sound, but I was amazed how Paul's Les Paul(hehe) sounded thru the SD Combo(StandardValue). He was using The distortion channel directly right? Beautiful. Anyway, Paul... 2 Thumbs up on the Romantic move there. Sweet Anniversary. It was My first Soft gathering turnout. Definitely won't be my last. Hope to see more action/workshops in the future..... Pat on the shoulder for the guys and gals involved behind the scenes. Cheers.
Well, apart from the guitarists, I learnt something pretty cool from the keybordists of Zero Sequence! At 1st, I was wondering, whoa where they ordered those tilted keyboard stands from man...

Then after their set, I approached them and asked and was quite surprised by their lil innovation on using simple bookshelf barang and a door stopper to customise a normal double X stand into something that costs loads of $$ for a personalised order... Now, time to surprise our keybordist for his birthday! Haha
Thanks guys. The guitar used to belong to mr snuffle. lol.

Yeah jay, i remember about the introduction to the gator bags. Sorry if i missed catching up with you.

It's alright man. Haha, I just hope that one day I might be able to be in the same league as you are in now.

Still trying. Haha.
Hi there,

This is Eleanor here from terraBox and would like to say a couple of things in this thread.

Firstly, thanks to James for allowing terraBox to co-present Fretboard Frenzy: Rise of the Stringers together with the monthly SOFT gathering. Also like to say a big thank you to the 5 presenters, of whom through FF (Rosli Mansor, and his effort for gathering Simon Lai, Brandon Gan, Paul Danial and Simon Yong) had put in time and effort to present the workshop. Not forgetting as well the kind folks of TyMC (CK) and City Music (including Mike from City Music for his demo of Line6 products) for providing the equipments, without their help of which there's no way any sound is going to be present at the workshop. And to *scape for providing a nice and comfortable environment for us to showcase. Lastly, to those who came for the workshop: I hope you have learned something from it and that it brings you a greater understanding and knowledge of some of our local guitarists and their passion for the instrument.

It is heartening to see so many positive responses in this thread. I do hope to see more SOFTies showing their support for events such as this. No doubt the crowd packed quite a good portion of the place but I'm sure with higher attendance, we can make the local music scene even more vibrant and the workshop more lively with more active participation. I hope to see more hands being raised in the future when I ask the audience who plays the guitar.

Once again, thanks for all the support and stay tuned for more FF showcases soon.

============================================================ - Fretboard Frenzy - All - Rock -
waaaaaaaaaah i missed that day..damndamndamn.
feel so jealous. must not miss next gathering.

what????? no photos!?!!? tot so many ppl volunteered for photographers??

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