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  • Hi Chris,

    Mark here. The crazy white dude who refretted your JEM years back. Are you still in Sing and playing? Will be back in town in December and would like to catch up if you're free.

    Dear Friend,
    I want to ask you about Jem90HAM pickguard.
    I own one of Jem90HAM and love it so much.
    But as the same problem about discoloration of pickguard.

    I saw your long time ago posted about new metal pickguard from KC st Guitar Connection.
    How can I order one? Do you have his email?
    I'd like to contact him for sparing steel pickguard of Jem90HAM.

    Thanks in advance

    my email : guitarra.maniac@gmail.com
    Yo Chris, this is john. your platoon mate in Sispec Echo and 2sir. Wats ur no man? Mine's 98207427. If you still can't remember me i'm that indian guy... =)
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