Guitar Day @ SOFT Gathering - 1 March 2008


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Event: SOFT Gathering
Date: 1 March 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Venue: *scape Youth Centre (indoor) Scape
Ticket: FREE!!
Equipment Sponsor: Welcome to City Music!

Come early as the venue can only house 100 people. and terraBox presents
FRETBOARD FRENZY: Rise of the Stringers

Workshop Highlights

Essentials for Rock Guitarists by Simon Lai

With your favourite rock song in your music player and your trusty guitar, you set out to learn how to play that song. However, you may soon realise you lack certain skills or unsure on achieving certain sounds. Basics such as bending, sliding, tapping and power chords are some of several techniques that will be covered by Simon Lai to help you get started. Simon was part of local bands Audio BreakOut, first runner-up in The Straits Times' first School of Rock competition, and Hidama, winner of the Singapore Street Festival's Jrock Band Taisen competition

Melodic Improvisation with Basic Lead Guitar by Brandon Gan

To be able to play a song is one thing; to be able to improvise during a song is another thing altogether. If improvisation is your cup of tea and an area that you want to work on, then allow Brandon Gan, guitarist of rock band Withered Tree and a music teacher, to show you how. Starting from the basics of the pentatonic scale and improvising using the scale to getting the most out of your tone using controls on the guitar and varying pick attacks.

Classic Rock by Paul Danial

Go beyond the modern interpretations of rock and delve into its past incarnations of the blues to rock and roll with experienced guitarist Paul Danial. Having played the guitar since the age of six, his styles evolve around the blues, rock, country, funk and metal and he currently gigs with Ministry of Rock, of which the band will release their debut album soon. In this workshop, expand your music knowledge as Paul introduces the key figures of hard rock and heavy metal in the 60s and 70s, their influences and the fusion of 'East meets West' guitar styles into blues in the early days.

Composing Tragic Killer Riffs and Solos by Simon Yong

Simon Yong is no stranger to the music scene, notably being the 7 stringer-geetarer of progressive rock band Zero Sequence, stunt geetarer with The UnXpected Band and a live session player for singers Shirlyn Tan and Maia Lee. In this segment, Simon shares his experiences and styles of writing and playing music for a progressive rock band, the various playing styles and finding one's identity, and his choice of expression and attitude over accuracy and precision.

Rhythm, Dynamics, Groovin' and Sauce by Rosli Mansor

A music teacher. A studio and live session player. A music composer for short films, schools, radio and television jingles and the Nickelodeon and Nick Jr channels. An instrumental guitarist who released Singapore's first full-fledged rock instrumental album, Dragged. These are the embodiments of one individual: Rosli Mansor. With his treasure chest of experiences, he will dish out the importance of getting the rhythm, dynamics and groove of playing in various scenarios and topping it up with the sauce. And it ain't over until Rosli pulls out his most prized treasure from the chest…

FRETBOARD FRENZY, the brainchild of instrumentalist Rosli Mansor and produced by terraBox, aims to provide a platform to showcase local experienced and aspiring musicians with a common factor: their unbridled passion for the fretboard. - Fretboard Frenzy - All - Rock - - Fretboard Frenzy - All - Rock -
Cool another gathering. Altough i dont know u guys, but i can do some voluntary help if its needed. Im free at home doing nth until arnd april =X
Thanks for offering to help.

I need :

1. Promote the event - Help me spread the word to as many people as possible.

2. Production - Need Stage Hands, Sound Engineer, Registration, Photographer, Writer ...

If you wish to try your hands on any of the above, please let me know.

Hi ,
Could you please tell me where is this place ? ( the venue )
I have no idea.

Offer somethings not available anywhere on this planet yet !
( as attractions ! )
Would you be interested in the following help :
1) video recording of the event ( 3ccd & CD quality sound )
2) SuperDefinition Audio recording of the highlights ( SuperDefinition CD )
3) Loan of SuperDefinition CustomSnareDrum
4) Loan of SuperDefinition DrumSticks

ps > possible sale of video & cd ( all proceeds to soft minus cost of video tape. CD & DVD blanks ) to really help you
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Hey, I'd love to help out. You can contact me at 91178852
But if I have to work that day, I might not be able to go. I'm working by shifts, so roster might have changes here and there.
Dummy @ going places

Hi ,
Sorry, could you please enlighten me as to where is cineleisure too ?
Nobody is expert in everything - my weakpoint -country pumkin.
thanks in advance !
hi ARC (aka santa sue?)

You can click to Scape and see the map under Contact us. It is the *scape Youth Centre building.
"Stage hand" helps to manage things happening on the stage. Such as setting up the equipment, microphone, and help the musicians in any possible way.
empihsrow, sure you can help even if you have no experience. I will pm you.

kahuna, yes, that would be great.

Let me add you guys to the list.

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