Guitar Day @ SOFT Gathering - 1 March 2008

Wow today's event was superb. Too bad Rosli had to cut short his set though. But I bought his CD anyway and am enjoying it!

The turn-out today was very good also. The whole place was jam packed!
Was I the only volunteer? >.< I sat at the lucky draw counter and actually really didn't help much. But the event was great.
rosli mansor was great! really enjoyed his humour and beneficial teachings. i could tell that the people around were impressed and probably already acquired those useful ideas for playing. we should have more of that, let's all second the idea to a part two!
today was great! hmm. the fretless and the ebow was super cool haha.. more of that in the next session! hope it comes soon... =)
It was unfortunate that I had to arrive late (coz of work and getting lunch after that). Only managed to catch it from Paul Danial's segment onwards. If I had known it was going to be like this, I would have taken leave and come earlier (as well as take notes)!

But nevertheless, it was still a great experience to sit and learn from the guitar gurus, especially Rosli Mansor when he spoke about the importance of rhythm among other things. Pity that he didn't have enough time to go onto other topics like the 3Ms and 3Ls which I hope will be covered in the next event.. (which I hope will happen sometime soon). I'll do my best to drag as many people as I can to come down!
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Was at the event from start to finish, 1 word....KICKASS!!! All of them were damn great, dishing out some serious chops and lessons. In no order of preference but the highlights for me were from Brandon, Simon Yong and Rosli....that said, Simon Lai and Paul Danial were very informative with more advice and less playing (of course i prefer to see more guitars in action, perhaps the next Guitar Day).

Guitar Day 2 definitely must be planned for, I'm seeing alot of interest in Rosli's final set of fretless playing and remainder advice not finished due to time limitation. I'm sure with the packed attendance and garnered interest, there should be substantial reason to continue it. :)
amazing to have been able to witness the congregation of local guitarists, each of such high calibre.

In particular, Paul was amazing and simon was simply entertaining to watch!

Couldn't stay long enough to watch Rosli, but then again i've seen this guy before and he simply blew me away on each occassion.

Anyway, i thought the variax segment was utterly colourless and drab.
When the demonstrator asked if anyone knew the amp (jcm 800) that was being modelled and there was this long silence of uncertainty, i wonder if it did occur to him that it sounded nowhere near a jcm800, which could have been why no one could provide an answer. LOL.

Myself being a line6 podxt user, would have guessed it as a marshall plexi xD.

But great event nonetheless, looking forward to the next!
couldn't make it to the event due to that damn NATAS fair that i was "dragged" to and ended up with nothing but a huge argument. WTF.... women... *sighs*

can't wait for the next one James.
Thanks all who could make it down. I had fun playing and sharing stuff with everyone. If you have any questions or etc, feel free to PM me or shoot me an email. For those that are not sure, i am the second guy who went up after simon lai.

Big thanks to TYMC and THD amps. For those of you that dug the guitar sound that day, do check out tymc music at TyMusicCenter to check out the fabulous THD amps.

Edo83, thanks for the support bro, appreciate it and your kind words.

Edder not steady pom pi pi one....was expecting you to be there.
thanks to all who came for my set! although my talk was really boring, i have nonetheless, learned a few things from the crowd!!! was really thrown off when i was on stage. but thanks to the organisers for this, if not, i would not have the chance to do what i have done.

i felt that the talks given by the other guitarists were kick ass! wayy better than how i expected it to be. i would say its a pity for rosli's one to be cut short die to time limitation. but can't wait for another installation of guitar day! there should be MORE!

U know what?i spent 1 AND A HALF HOUR sitting outside the youth park watching som bands n dance..then i was tinking..'what's goin on?!where's rosli?!'..haha..then i decided to explore around..fortunately..i went into the small building juz in time to see rosli's performance..i did nt make it to the previous shows due to my lousy sense of directions..XDD..overall i tink the performance was great..and i tink the advice,lessons n effects rosli had told n shown us was simply amzing..ROCK ON!!hope to see more of this workshops soon!xpp
Eh Brandon, I don't think you could recognize me. I was at the lucky draw counter all day helping out and I was your ex-student. Haha, I thought your set was really great.

I missed out Rosli's set cos I had to go elsewhere. But wow, what a learning experience.
i thought it was pretty cool, even though most of the basic were covered, by simon and brandon

was taking notes throughout, theres always something to be learned

anw i was e dude that loves line6 =)

was hopin i'd get free strings or something =P

can't wait for the next guitar day

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