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Hi All,

Name : Fredrick Goh Kok Hui (Age 42yrs)
Music Qualification : Classical Guitar (Recital) - LCM Grade 8
Contact no : 90303606
Training Provided :

- Classical Guitar (Graded) LCM Syllabus
- Acoustic Guitar Sing and strum/Fingerpicking. Students can opt to take LCM Acoustic Guitar exams.
- Gospel Music Training
* Simple strumming techniques/Fingerpicking methods
* Improvisations
* Ideas on how to Start/End/Link songs
* Worship leader training suitable for Cell group or congregational worship
* Basic training on how to play as a main/support acoustic guitarist in a band
* Sight reading (through classical Syllabus)

I do not provide training for Electric guitarist. Though most of the techniques used in Acoustic guitar are applicable, I have always felt that electric guitarist is a very specialised role that only a fellow electric guitarist can understand and guide the students. Electric guitarists goes through a very different thought process from an acoustic/classical player when playing in a band. I do encourage that you seek out a teacher that is an active electric guitarist to get the most out of your tuition fees.

Introduction :

Like everyone in Singapore, I worked hard to make sure my family get the money needed to survive. Only to realise that the typical Singaporean/Asian value that I was brought up with is precisely the reason why I lost my job in the end. I was told not to live our dreams, be practical and do not be choosy about the jobs we are doing. I need to be humble at all time, suck thumb and do what my boss want so that I can be a responsible man to my family.

In the end, I realise I lost the fundamental value of what it is like to live as an individual and be happy. I sold myself, my pride to earn money and did not realise that I have lost respect from my employers because they know I can be bought at a price. As such, it finally paved the way to a show down at the age of 35yrs and lost my job as a result.

Fast forward, at 37.5yrs old, I walked into a music school and just told the counter staff that I want them to train me to be a music teacher. I was driving taxi during that time. I remember the boss of the school ask why I did not do it earlier. I hate the way he look at me but nonetheless, I stick out my first 6 grades with them. I left the said school knowing that I really needed a good teacher to help me to get my first major certificate that enable me to start a new.

As of last year (Oct 2016), I achieve Grade 8 in Classical Guitar (recital) LCM (Distinction) and on my way to do my theory and getting my first diploma. My hope (though at this stage seem sUUUUuuuupppper far off) is to get at least a TD (Teaching Diploma) or even an Licentiate in Classical guitar (who knows....for now one step at a time) My tutor is Mr Eric Loh who is one of the best Classical teacher ( it redirect to Poco Music which I worked on Thurs and Sun) and he is a member of Registra of Guitar (

Singaporeans always say they have no time. Truth be told, it is not that we do not have the time. Rather, we have yet to embark on a journey of self discovery. I sleep during the day, drive taxi during the night. I carry my guitar wherever I go. I practiced when I queue at Taxi Stand and Changi Airport. When I reach home at 4am (before shift end), I practiced anytime from 0430hrs - 0600hrs. To prevent waking my wife and neighbor up, I even bought a second hand Yamaha SLG from a person who post at this website. ( I got scammed by the way. I will remember this painful lesson and the guy cause in the end it was my fault for not checking. There goes my precious savings and I bought it on my birthday!)

Like everyone who started as a self taught guitarist, I struggle even watching many videos. Allow me to have the privilege to show you like the way my master has guided me. The trick is play, play and play. Do not spend too much time thinking abt music, but rather play them, hear them, feel them and sleep with them. As time goes by, with all the notes ringing in your head, you can also perform live music anywhere with a guitar.

Right now, though I am still very poor like most Singaporean, I am much more satisfied and happy. As of Dec 2016, I quit my taxi driving and become make a dive. I will not sell the current experiences I have for any amount of money.

God Bless you and I wish u guys a very happy life.
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Hi all,

I have just finished compiling the lessons for beginners who want to learn play Ukulele and guitar. Suitable for students who have never learnt Ukulele/Guitar and those who have received some basic training but has not venture further.

There are 3 modules altogether that emphasis on strumming. Students will mainly learn chords from the family of C and off keys will be introduced as well. Initially students will learn some common strumming patterns used in many songs. Students will also be exposed to how change the nature of the song and the way it is being sung by adding some simple chords (simple improvisation or "colouring" as I would term it). Finally we will also learn the importance of time signature and how it will affect the song at the 3rd module.

Below are the lessons breakdown for the 3 modules :

1st Module :
- Chords learnt : C Em Am F G7
- No of songs 2 :
- Strumming patterns : abt 2
- Introduce and apply accented beat to the strumming patterns

2nd Module :
- One new song
- Chords : Dm, C7 and FM
- Simple improvisation / "Colouring" on a song learnt at module 1

3rd Module :
- one new song
- Chords : B7, A7 and Dm7
- Discussion on the importance of Time signature. Modify an old song from a 4/4 time signature to a 6/8

These modules are not design for students who want to learn a lot of songs in a short time. I must stress that students will be disappointed if they expect to learn songs after songs. Being said that, students are HIGHLY encouraged to bring to my attention on the songs they really like to learn in addition to what I am going to teach. Taking into consideration of the relation the song to the module and skill level of the student. I will never dismiss the song you want to learn and promise we will visit it once I deemed you are able to do it.

I am not satisfy in teaching pple on how to sing and strum many different songs. If possible, I want students to "own" the song. I would like to bring the student on a musical journey where they will be exposed to the depth that music can bring when one decided to dive in. (the deeper the better of course ^^) I guaranteed that during the course, we will not just learn how to play the song, but to explore ways to make it a little personal.

As such, if you are keen to explore music, pls do give me the privilege to work with you. I will constantly update my thread to show the courses I have compiled.

Below is the link to the sample materials that I have done up using spreadsheet.

Lesson Fees as follow :
Individual home visits : $140 per month (4 lessons per month)
No make up if students failed to turn up for lesson or give 2 day notices.
Group lessons 3X students (home visit) : $100 per pax for group of 3 (any number beyond 3 is open for discussion)

I am also working with Poco Music located at Bedok. Students who may want to learn in a cosy school environment at a better rate and with administration support. The school can also facilitate in linking up students who wish to sign up for group lessons thereby reducing the need for student looking for partners themselves should they engage me privately.

visit for their contacts. Please be aware that there are terms and conditions to be followed. For details please speak with the staff at Poco Studio. You can also contact me at 90303606 should you are unable to contact the school.

Thank you and see you
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Hi Fredrick, thank you for sharing your inspiring stories, I am sure that every obstacles you've met made you a better person every time you overcome them. Wish you a huge success in your teaching career!
Thank you for the encouragement. Sry for the poor english. This forum do not allow me to edit after the post has been made as there is a time limit to it.

Hopefully I get my first Diploma next year. I will continue to work hard.

God bless u.-
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Hi all,

I have completed the 4th and final module for beginner Ukulele and Acoustic Guitar series.

The 4th module info as follow :

Introducing Fingerpicking style.
- Sight reading (aka finding the tapoles on black lines ^^)
- New strumming pattern for 6/8 time signature.
- Using Fingerpicking style for introduction followed by strumming. (Thousand Years)
- Solo piece Amazing Grace (sight reading) Grade 1 level. (I think....or maybe near to grade 2 for Guitar level)
Updates : In the process to arrange for a basic Guitar Lessons for Gospel music. ^^ Watch out for this space for updates.