Classical/Contemporary/Jazz Guitar and Ukulele Teacher available!


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Hi everyone, I am an active performing musician available to coach you in guitar and ukulele.

Here are some details:

Jordan Chia, 25

Graduated from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor with Honours in Music, majoring in Recording Arts and Science.

LCM Grade 8 in Piano Performance

Taught 3 years as a Classical Guitar / Pop Guitar / Ukulele instructor at a Music School

Composer for Mediacorp Recruitment Ad -

Multi-instrumentalist for Local Band Pixel Apartment (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele)

Keyboardist and Bassist for Local Band MUON

Playing guitar in the context of a jazz band.

Performed at - Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Esplanade Concourse, Gardens By The Bay, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (Fred Perry Subculture), Asian Civilisations Museum, Home Club, 987FM, Hood Bar and Cafe, Pigeonhole Cafe, Shots Cafe, Wedding Gigs

Here is a 3 part live video lesson (Crash Course in Jazz Guitar Chords) I conducted online:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Having a deep passion in music education, I am always finding new ways to impart good musicianship to new students with different needs.

Available Lessons:

Classical Guitar

The guitar is said to be a “small orchestra”. It is a breathtaking sight to watch a solo classical guitarist perform a piece with exuberance and confidence in his craft. 6 strings have the power to express harmony, polyphony, and so much more.

My lessons teach the basics in reading, phrasing, expression, performance, technical exercises, aural training, musicianship, sight reading, applied music theory, finger technique, posture and more. Instead of learning just exam pieces, my lessons introduce a series of exercises and complete pieces designed or selected to comfortably improve one’s playing level over time, introducing new techniques with each new piece. This ensures that proper technique is inculcated in the student, allowing him to play new pieces with ease, and sight read effectively.

Fees for individual lessons:

$40 per lesson for 45 minutes
$50 per lesson for 1 hour

Group lessons - Contact me for more information

Contemporary Guitar

The guitar is a truly social instrument. Mobile, go anywhere, its ability to evoke the familiar is its unique quality. Just listen to the signature chords of More Than Words, or the guitar riff of a newer song like Titanium. The guitar has been able to stand the test of time to bring friends closer together, to sing their favourite songs on radio, and for older ones to enjoy evergreens.

My contemporary guitar lessons have 2 major goals - to develop a good ear in the student and to develop the skills necessary to play any desired song, from strumming, chord theory, to playing riffs as performed by the original artist. This course is a flexible one - you can learn it on electric guitar, folk guitar and even a nylon stringed classical guitar.

Fees for individual lessons - $40 per lesson for 45 minutes

Jazz Guitar and Improvisation

Ever wondered how jazz musicians improvise all that music on stage with such confidence? How does jazz harmony and chords work?

You might be surprised at the simplicity behind such complex performances. Learn the basics of “jazz” chords, substitutions, chord extensions, improvisation - and also - get ready for lots of fun from playing classic lead sheets such as Fly Me to The Moon, Girl From Ipanema, Wave, and once you are game enough - try improvising over Giant Steps by John Coltrane!

Fees for individual lessons - $40 per lesson for 45 minutes


The ukulele is an instrument that packs a punch for its size. Despite being far smaller than a guitar, chords, melodies, and full arrangements are all possible! Players like Jake Shimabukuro are able to play breathtaking arrangements that sound more like a one man band.

Whether you just want to strum some chords to accompany yourself, read music using the ukulele - or play more complex arrangements, my ukulele lessons are targeted to help you learn these skills and apply them effectively to perform your favourite songs.

Music Production

There are many producers and DJs who have made their top hits with nothing but a laptop and some ingenuity. Many of us are able to come up with arrangements on Garageband or other DAWs, but what gives a track a more polished sound? How do you make sure all elements standout in a mix? Learn the basics of beat making, sequencing, mixing and more to improve your bedroom mixes or become a better electronic musician. Learn new ideas to present your tracks live to engage the audience.

Fees for individual lessons - $40 per lesson for 45 minutes

Lesson Policy

Singapore is an increasingly busy place, and I understand the need to cancel lessons due to school or work commitments. Let me know this at least one day in advance via sms. To make it easier to fit your schedule, fees are collected at the end of every lesson as opposed to a monthly payment. This is to avoid the problem of accumulating makeup lessons where neither you or myself have the time to account for. We simply follow up on the next available lesson. If more lessons are needed (perhaps an ABRSM exam is imminent), i will try my best to slot in extra lessons for you.

For female students (regardless of age), I do require at least one other person you are acquainted with (parent, sibling, friend) present at every lesson at where it is conducted. If this is not possible, consider calling a friend for group lessons. Contact me for more details.

Lessons can be held at your home (if my schedule permits me to travel down at a reasonable time) or at a private classroom.

I have recommendations for instruments (ukulele, guitar, production) - that are selected from my experience to fit your budget while ensuring decent quality to last you throughout your music journey. Do consult me before making any purchase to avoid wasting time and money on poorly made instruments.

Performance Reviews:

"Pixel Apartment (aka Jordan Chia) was a sheer delight – both soulfully and intellectually. Operating his one man band (complete with video!) with the main focus on grand piano, Jordan provided a pleasing set which showcased his skills with electronics as well as songwriting. That said, perhaps the high point was Jordan’s wonderful cover of “What Sarah Said” (Death Cab for Cutie) sympathetically played on the piano. Yet another local musician with loads of talent!"

Kevin Matthews on Power Of Pop - Baybeats 2014

"You're not likely to find those one-man-band buskers around here, but there is always Jordan Chia. Besides occupying himself with abstract DIY visuals for .gif's live shows and keyboard duties for MUON, we've seen this singer-songwriter wow is senseless on percussion, synthesizers, midi controllers, and vocals - all at the same time! Though hearing his tracks alone simply ain't enough. Soak in the nine-minute post-dubstep ballad that is "Eyes", and it'll leave you wishing you had more hands yourself, to give this humble chum the applause he so very well deserves."

Kevin Ho, Juice Magazine, August 2014

Feel free to contact me at or 96835872 for enquires.
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