Vocal / Singing Coach Available


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Have you been trying to follow YouTube vocal lessons only to question if you're doing things right or run out of motivation after some time? The problem with learning how to sing online is that there's no one to hear if your pitches are accurate or if you are straining your vocal cords trying to hit those high notes. Unlike instruments which typically have finger gestures that you can follow visually, most of the muscles we activate while trying to sing a song are not visible and hence the need for an experienced vocal coach to guide your practice.

With 15+ years of experience performing for major corporate / ministerial events, I now teach students in a professional home studio environment not just to sing well, but also accompany themselves on the guitar. If you have been serious about pursuing music as work or hobby, drop me a text or mail and we can discuss how to personalise your singing journey!

Contact: 8183 6911

Disclaimer: Weekly lessons start from $90/hr and require a minimum commitment of 6 months.
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