Capable SINGER GUITARIST wanted to complete modern rock acoustic covers band.


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We are an acoustic heavy/modern rock project currently looking for a competent and capable 2nd singing guitarist to complete our current line-up, comprising a drummer, bassist and guitarist – all with vocal abilities to varying degrees. We do killer acoustic (yes acoustic; because who does not like an added challenge) versions and our own interpretations of popular but heavier type tunes. We range from mid 30s to early 40s.

We are expecting:

1) A proficient guitarist; comfortable with any parts of the set list tunes;
2) Good vocal ability with the flexibility & confidence to rip on harmonies and/or take the lead;
3) Have the necessary equipment suited to this project - be prepared to tune down/setup your (pickup equipped) acoustic guitar to a lower register – standard C# (1.5 semitones down from concert) is our baseline; just the ONE though guitar fear not;
4) Be a fan of this general era of tunes and have a genuine love to play and perform;
5) A level of commitment – we currently rehearse once a week but have our homework done before showing up

You can expect:

1) A bunch of easy-going peeps that get along well and are professionals; we take pride in our individual abilities and our contributions to this project;
2) A space to be creative, take risks and have a lot of fun;
3) A complete, first run set list;
4) A serious, collective drive to take this far, wide, beyond these shores even; and the potential for original song writing down the road.

Here is a link to some demos that will showcase 1) what we would sound like live and 2) what you can be expected to pull off:

Below is but a chunk of our current set list (our own acoustic versions):

1) Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
2) S.O.A.D - Chop Suey
3) Prodigy - Breathe
4) Tool – Stinkfist
5) Tantric - Breakdown
6) Korn – Freak on a Leash
7) Blink182 – Down
8) Incubus – Pardon Me
9) Papa Roach - Last Resort
10) Taproot – Poem

If this is you, please call/message/WhatsApp on Eight 3 Eight 1 One 1 Eight 3. Eager to hear from you.

Bumping up this post yet again, so hopefully some talented and capable eyes see it!

Get in touch on Eight 3 Eight 1 One 1 Eight 3 for a chat.

Don't be shy.
Still looking high and low for this one. However, if simple concepts like "work" and "commitment" are alien to you, please look elsewhere. Otherwise hit us up!