Guitar Free Trial Lesson

Most people never get started on their learning journey in music for fear of commitment. What I'm offering is a free trial lesson as well as an introduction to guitar and what to expect before you commit to learning. Learning the guitar can be a very enriching art form, especially when you are able to improvise and let the music do the talking. It can help to relieve stress, inspire creativity and is a good past time.

Lessons can be conducted online or in person, depending on your schedule, although for full experience face to face is always preferred.

Here are the things to expect from the lessons
- Student can choose their favourite pieces or song and I will compose a music sheet specifically for the songs they want to learn.
- Students will learn how to learn a song by listening, to the point where they do not need to buy any music sheets or books to learn songs. This is useful especially when learning foreign music, eg j-pop, k-pop...
- Student will learn the basic of vocals and singing such that they can play and sing together if they wish to.

Looking forward to hear from you! Do contact me at 9146-5062 if you want to understand more and have your first free lesson.
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