Locals with NICE TONE.


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We always talk abt which guitar hero has great tone and how can you achieve it, what rig, what techniques and so on... Well, I think its time the local guys get some recognition on good tone!

Come on, name some of our local guitarists with great tone! And if you are spotted, give up your "secret" to your good tone here! ;)
Paul Danial

the lead axeman from Axed Ministers

unfortunately, the majority of local guits do not pay too much attention to tone, esp when gigging.
Dhalif with his fingers and DS1.

The vocalist/rhythm for Electrico actually has an excellent tone that helps to hold up the songs. :)
+1 for the Bani brothers! I love their tone man. Not to mention that their tone complement each other very well too. I love that RGX Ty Tabor! Looks and sounds slick as hell! To think Bani Faizal gets all that from his Korg Ax1000G.

and more recently, Fatskunk's guitarist! Ever since he started using that les paul type guitar.. loved his tone at ROS man!
ShredCow said:
Hmmmm... what about our SOFTies here?

hee.hee... so far, those mentioned are all SOFTies! except the unexpected band. hmmm... or maybe they are SOFTies too? anyone??
Vaiyen said:
oh yes, grimbrody with his Marley LP. How could I have missed him out.

8O i have tone?heh. thanks :eek:

my leadman uses a YamahaAES920 i think. with zoom 505 and 707 efx. erm..other than that..i have no idea how he got that tone.
nanoshred , dhaliff , slowish , simon , Cavett , 3notesabar , fatskunks(as a whole band) ... theres many more... but cant think of em right now.