Band Looking For Versatile Drummer


Hi Drummers out there!

R u keen to join a band? We're looking for drummer asap,as our line up change abit recently. Pls read thoroughly,take your time.Don't skip the lines.And don't just reply "I am keen","Where do u guys jam","can i join" etc etc.

Just say hi,introduce urself and ans the questions i asked below.Read everything with a clear mind b4 u ask me anything🙂✌️

This band is formed somewhere in mid 2023,and we r clicking and kicking out quite well.All of us are a friendly and jovial working adults,age between 31-45,with our own family.The main objective is just to de-stress,and perhaps try out gigs and competitions in the near future.

We may have started this band not long ago(mid 2023),but all of us have musical backgrounds/journey in the past.

We rehearse once a mth,on weekday/weekend,depends.Mostly Sundays.

This is our current updated songlist.They have all been attempted quite successfully before:-

Band songlist as of 06.03.2024:-

1)In Bloom-Nirvana
2)One Last Breath-Creed
3)Symphony Of Destruction-Megadeth
5)Every Breath You Take-Sting
6)Butterfly-Crazy town
7)Long Train Running-Doobie brothers
8)Play That Funky Music-Wild Cherry
9)Diary Of Jane-B.Benjamin
10)Hotdog -Limp bizkit
11)The Warmth-Incubus
12)Wish U Were Here-Incubus
14)Open Your Eyes-Alterbridge
19)The Kill
20)Sleeping Awake
21)I Hate Everything About You
22)Feeling This(Blink 182)
24)Puddle Of Mud-Blurry

_>>>>Drop D<<<<_

25)Killing In the Name Of-RATM
26)Everlong-Foo fighters

>>>>Eb Standard<<<<
27)Green Tinted Sixties Mind-Mr Big

I believe,from the above list,u can roughly tell our band genre.No offense,but no beginners pls. We had our experience b4,we auditioned a drummer,claiming he is into this n that,can play this that bla bla....but when he is behind the kit on audition day,he can't even hold a tempo,let alone the terrible fills skills. I am so sorry for saying this.I had to.You know ur capabiliteis,just be sincere and serious b4 contacting me.

So tell us more about urself,possibly ur:-

☆Occupation and working hour
☆Music u play/listen to
☆Ur experiences in ur musical journey,possibly link to videos of u performing at gigs/rehearsals.

Whatsapp me at 90609838 with your answers fir the questions above.

P:S,Although we jam for leisure only on mthly basis,we still take our sessions seriously all these while.As in,we really practice and play as tight as we can for whatever songs we r covering.

Our band respect one another,always happy meeting one another.We don't look down or belittle anyone.Little mistakes in between songs is common.Its O.K

Priority will b given to candidate currently with NO band.We want u exclusively,not wanting u to make us ur project/side band.


-Preferably working office hours, or flexible timing.

Audition will b held accordingly.

Songlist for the audition will b prepared by the band.We will choose any 8-10 songs from the list.

If ure selected,u will get to request songs u wanna play(New songs,not from the list above).

Hope to hear from u.Cheers \m/
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