Metal Guitarists Wanted


New member
Hi everyone,band looking for 2 permanent guitarists.

Band has been around for a few years.We have played shows both local and overseas we have an EP and demos as well.

Genre we play
Thrash/Crossover Thrash

Main influences
Old Slayer,Medea,Lowest Creature,Enforced,Powertrip, Suicidal Tendencies,Toxic Holocaust
Aura Noir,Creeping death,

Other influences that we experiment with
Fuming mouth.

We do covers but we focus more on playing & writing originals.
Current plans are to write/record more music while starting back gigging local & overseas soon.

Looking for people who really love heavy music,particular about their gear/tone & love writing music & gigging.
We are working adults,so no worries,everything band related like jamming/recording schedule is flexible & can be discussed.

If Interested, Contact us on
Telegram @gocyco
Or Inbox us here with your name & contact details we will directly contact you.