You play bass? Eh, come join us ah!


New member
So we need a bassist for our band. We're a 5-piece band, consists of us boys and girls in our mid to late 30s who share wide range of musical influences, from mainstream pop, rock, metal to mainstream and alternative sounds.

We are mainly doing mandarin music at the moment, with a view to eventually write and publish our own music.

The ideal bassist should possess:

- You love music and hopes to make music too.
- Good sense of rhythm and timing, as per anyone who plays instrument do.
- Personal preference over picking or fingering techniques is not important, but what's important is know how it affects tonality and when to use either of the techniques.
- You don't always need to play notes that corresponds to the matching chords with the guitarists, having the ability and creativity to accompany guitar playing with riffs and patterns instead does make the song sound more dynamic and interesting.
- Friendly, and fun-loving character.
- Leave your ego outside the door and have fun!
- Noticed we never mention very specified genres? Music have no boundaries, fuck that.
- Lastly, noticed we never mentioned age? It's just a number, so, also fuck that.

If you enjoy music, and hope to make music, contact us over Telegram at