Axl's New Job


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I found this quite hilarious really haha. You have to know welcome to the jungle, patience and paradise city to fully appreciate this. turn up your speakers for a more pleasurable time, LOL. no i promise it's not of of those 'ghosts that POP out and scare the crap out of u' kind of thingy. if it is, u have full permission to ban me and hate me for life, haha. enjoy! :p
Its hilarious no doubt. But I'm trying to not be lame. So I'll put something to full up the gap up there. Its actually "OMFG THATS FUNNY!!!" but i edited it. No offence bro.
haha it's ok la, i was not offended. i thought u were offended cos they were making hamburger jokes and that u are a cow lover =X (no offense!) just trying to add more life and color to this forum. peace! :)