WTS Pearl Rhythm Traveler drumkit bundle + Ahead case + Aquarian heads + new hardware


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Selling off my Pearl Rhythm Traveler at a steal. Been fitted with all-Aquarian heads so it already sounds better than most RTs out there hahaha. I’ve used this kit at gigs and events before and it definitely sounds good with the skins and proper tuning. Visit the Carousell link above for pics.

I’ve thrown in a bunch of new hardware (because I replaced the originals with my own when I first bought it), so you also get a new Tama kick pedal, new Tama Snare stand, new Tama hi-hat. Also throwing in an extra boom cymbal stand. And to make transportation and storage easier I’m also throwing in an Ahead Armour case that can hold all the toms. I don’t have the mesh heads anymore (cause I hate them haha), I use drum mutes instead, which are included (except for the snare, cause I usually put a practice pad on it) in this bundle. Quite recently, I also sent the kick drum to Pantheon Percussion to replace the bracket and legs with Tama L-rods, cause it allows for a different adjustment, and the old one was getting wonky. So that's a $100 mod job right there!
No cymbals or throne because I’ve always used my own and the stock ones are shit anyway. If you know your shit, the total value of everything here is A LOT MORE than what I'm asking for. Self collect from my place in Braddell.

20” kick drum with Aquarian Superkick I batter head and Aquarian Regulator reso head
10” tom with Aquarian Performance II with Power Dot head
12” tom with Aquarian Performance II with Power Dot head
14” tom with Aquarian Performance II with Power Dot head
13” snare with Aquarian Texture Coated head and new Tama wires

1X brand new Tama hi-hat stand
1X brand new Tama snare stand
1X brand new Tama kick drum pedal
1X boom cymbal stand with Cympad washers
1X straight cymbal stand with floor tom attachment and Cympad washers

14” X 14” Ahead Armour Case - I use this to fit all 3 toms inside

Evans SoundOff Universal Bass Mute
10” Evans SoundOff mute
12” generic rubber mute
14” Evans SoundOff mute


If you're interested, you can respond via Carousell or drop me a text at 90011352. Thanks!
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