[WTS] Tama SG518C Stagestar 5-Piece Compact Drum Kit [Beginner-friendly]


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Hi all, bought this drum kit in 2013 when I was really keen in picking up drumming. However, sadly, the time has come for me to consider letting it go as I have shifted place and there's practically no room for it (HDB flats are getting smaller in size).

Drum kit is still in good condition except for some rust at some areas due to Singapore's inevitable humid weather. Other than that, it has been well up-kept throughout the years and I wasn't really a frequent or hardcore player so it's definitely not in worn out conditions.

1) Beginner-friendly drum kit setup - Suitable for those who are looking for a basic setup to kickstart your drumming hobby.
2) "Portable" - TAMA Stagestar set is built slightly smaller than the typical sizes, I guess it's for easier transport (if you're thinking of taking it out for a gig?) The smaller size saves a little bit of space too, but not much.
3) TAMA's quality-built drum kits - Tbh, I was shocked to find out that I bought this in 2013 and it has lived till now - 2022. Looks like it was only bought a few years back (the looks of the kit doesn't seem to age). Nothing is falling apart or loose or anything, except for the bits of rusty areas. It still plays well and you can tune the drums according to your preference using the drum key that came with it.

1) Hi-hat & Crash Cymbals - They don't sound as pretty as I'd like it to be. But it may also be because I'm not playing right? I don't know cos I've never gone for any drum lessons. Was only learning a little through online videos.
2) Nothing much - I was very satisfied with my purchase back then until now. Oh right, maybe the price was a little steep back then. I bought it at RRP $1350.

Anyway, here are other user reviews who have bought the same drum kit:

Stagestar Set Configuration:
- Colour: Midnight Blue
- Toms: 8x10 in., 8x12 in.
- Floor Tom: 12x14 in.
- Bass drum: 14x18 in.
- Snare drum: 5x13 in. steel
- Straight Cymbal Stand
- Hi Hat Stand
- Snare Stand
- Drum Pedal
- Throne
- Cymbals: 13 in. Hi Hats & 16 in. Crash
Note -- Cymbals are Tama Stagestar brand made by Zildjian. Hardware is Tama Swingstar brand. Drum heads by Evans. (Disclaimer: This info came from an online source, I'm not 100% sure that it's true.)
- Drum Key
- [Drumsticks not included]

TLDR: Looking to sell this pre-loved drum kit at $750.
Should be able to help arrange delivery to you if you live in accessible parts of Singapore.

You can contact me at +65 96934938 if you'd like to find out more info about it. No low-ballers please, thank you.

To save you some trouble, a brand new Stagestar kit is going at around $900. So this is definitely not for someone looking for a firsthand product but hopefully this can save you some money.

Here are some pictures of my drum kit: