REPOST: [WTS] Tama SG518C Stagestar 5-Piece Compact Drum Kit [PRICE REDUCED TO $550]


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Drum kit in good condition except for some rust at some areas due to Singapore's humidity.
- Well up-kept
- Not in worn out conditions
- Wasn't a frequent or hardcore player

Original Retail Price: $1350
Previously Asking For: $750
Now Selling For: $550

Stagestar Set Configuration:
- Colour: Midnight Blue
- Toms: 8x10 in., 8x12 in.
- Floor Tom: 12x14 in.
- Bass drum: 14x18 in.
- Snare drum: 5x13 in. steel
- Straight Cymbal Stand
- Hi Hat Stand
- Snare Stand
- Drum Pedal
- Throne
- Cymbals: 13 in. Hi Hats & 16 in. Crash
Note -- Cymbals are Tama Stagestar brand made by Zildjian. Hardware is Tama Swingstar brand. Drum heads by Evans. (Disclaimer: This info came from an online source, I'm not 100% sure that it's true.)
- Drum Key
- [Drumsticks not included]

Original Post (See pictures here):

Looking to sell this drum kit at $550.

You can contact me at +65 96934938 if you'd like to find out more info about it.