SOFT is going IPO


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ok, thought that would get your attention.

seriously, we might all think that SOFT is the coolest place for music locally but i feel we still have a lot that we can do.

what i would like you guys to do is to suggest ways as to how we can let more people know about this website?
Posting ads? Im telling all my friends to go this webbie lei. Musical or not. Lol happening! :D
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

well james...maybe u could come down to more gigs where the bands here r performing.....any gigs....doesn`t mean Ronin,Electrico,Ugly in the Morning....or Pulse or whoever is playing.....i`m sure there`s a lot of other bands from this webbie who r playing in gigs...only then the bands could give a shout out to the crowds or sumthing....then people will actually check out the webbie...take more pix of gigs/crowds/backstage......more coverage....
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
sumthing controversial or skeptical abt certain bands or shows would b nice to read abt once in a while....not a thread...just a headline or a simple write-up...if it`s a thread,there`s gonna b `unpleasant` comments n all....
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well James, I suggest u approach every single body which is related to the music industry that you can, be it local or not, n offer them free advertising. Don't just go for music schools, musician's org etc but it can be anything related to music (for eg, maybe even Gramaphone CD stores etc).

N Yes, FREE ADVERTISING as a promotional period, is the way to go, n I feel is the only way to "put long thread hook big fish".

With nobodies like us everyday talk cock sing song play piano in forum will never get soft anywhere. :lol:
but even if u help them put ads, does not bring people in unless those shops themselves help to promote the site.Unless when people go buy CD, they tell them," if u purchase thru, u get 10% discount!"

but like stillwater said, we can invite people from record companies to check out some of the talents over in here. If the record companies do get impressed with the open mic threads, they might even fund the soft compilation cd.

that's just my opinion, can't think of any really great one now.
yeojjsg, which is the last gig you attended? how many people attended?

Newbie, thanks for spreading the word. what do you mean by posting ads?

Dirt, 1 james cant do much. i need Dirt and everyone in SOFT to input lah.

stillwater, approaching these companies is a good idea. anyone want to give some suggestions as to who to approach?

Mr_X, ha..ha.. i like the "if u purchase thru, u get 10% discount!" we will work towards that goal.
Lol k i dunno the price, i think gonna be very ex, but newspaper? Lol. Like that alot of people will know...
depending on wat is called expensive leh, newspaper 3 lines small small ad already costs $30. slightly bigger with picture 3cm but still small small also can hit about $90+ i think. over here, want to support this website already difficult raise funds, dunno how can stretch dollar long long before pengsan.. :smt095
If the Life section of the Digital Times on Tuesday could do a section on SOFT, that will really get people's attention. Wonder how to get them to do something like this. Perhaps somebody knows people in the Straits Times?

Something simpler. Do an exchange of advertisements with all the music shops (Sinamex, Swee Lee etc). You can post their ads (banners) in exchange for a small link to SOFT in their website. I'm sure people do visit their sites - eventually word will get around.
Since soft is to promote music, find the ministry of information and the arts? find HMV? find esplanade? But it'll be damn cool if we have like before paul gilbert comes, he say hi to people in singapore through this forum.

but i think to make this website even bigger, we need some sort of big shot to back us up. that's just my opinion.
yeah i agree with Cheez's suggestion. if theres anything interesting on the web it will definitly be featured. Dont even have to pay for advertising. just suggest to them that you have a website thats taking musicians in singapore by storm, flaunt your hit rates abit, maybe tell them you can do a free interview or something.

and also another venue would be Newman or Maxim or FHM magazine. hehe
They feature random snippets and give a short write up. can just submit your site to them. no need money and also no harm trying.
they frequently feature Les Paul and PRSs on their magazine as "mens Toys" anyway hehehe
Hi James,

if your objective is to let as many people 'know' about the website, that's quite easy. Lots of marketing, inter-exchange of links to other music sites, web stores etc, and viral marketing. Basically, just spend money to raise awareness.

If your aim is to make as many people 'use' this website, then the content here has to cater to their myriad world of interests. However, this is good because if the content draws them in, and makes them stay longer than most other websites, you can present the figures to relevant parties (read merchandisers), and there's lots we can do to make this a success. That is, make money off this web portal.

Even if is the landing page, the fact that you command that sort of pull is enough to convince some merchandisers to try you out.

If you're keen, we can discuss further :D
I tend to agree with Dirt. We need to have more gigs, no need to have fancy smancy kind of gigs, just have more constant gigs. Like even once every 3months, will definately get more people involved and notice about Soft. This is just part of a big picture in promotion.

I for one is in full support, with my equipments ready in hand to provide for such a job at super subsidized rates. As I believe I only need to come out with the stuffs, the guys at Soft will definately come forward to volunteer their manpower.

On this maybe James can discuss more with Mr Heartrock on the feasibility. I believe RR2005 has give us some experiences of what to do later on. Venue wise, being fresh would be great. Meaning try to hold it in different public place. The scale should be smaller in terms of sound output when in residential area, all performing bands should be understanding and tone down when necessary.

My personal observation is that in Soft, it's mainly familiar faces. Others who come may be in great interest for a short span of time, after which they just simply vanish. Normally people with their own agenda and goal fits this class. I think people who actually stay and log in every other day and give input to the site, maybe there is only a few new ones every month only.

Other than that, the other way to greater publicity calls for greater participation from members. Like going to Hotspots to distribute flyers for Gigs & events from soft. Many other events can be planned like clinics, showcase, demonstration...etc.

But all these calls for funds to be available to carry out. So in the end we must consider on ways to create funds. Selling ads space is one thing, but that is very limited as web space on a desktop is just that. Maybe if some organisation can be approached to adopt the community for like 3months per term, that's another way. Other than that, maybe Mr Heartrock new project on the Heartrock center, can include Soft within it wings, I believe this integration could be helpful too.

Industry observation is always the same, there are many individual efforts out there. All struggling for the same pie out there. If some of these are willing to consolidate their efforts and work together instead of by themself, I think will definately help. What i am saying is that, james, you can only do so much by yourself, if you have more people you can do more thing.

Alas, this is not my hobby, but it's part of my job, so I have to treat it professionally. I can't be an active volunteer, just have time to hang around the forum providing input so far.
With music shops advetisements, besides offering them free banner advertisdements, we can do gear reviews for them (we have enough people in SOFT who are "expert" enough to review gears of different types). That way, the merchandisers will also try to direct traffic to SOFT.

As for the papers, it may be a bit awkward for James to "self advertise." I have a suggestion. Let's email to Straits Times (I think their website has a link) and suggest to them to do a review of this site in Digital Times. If enough people email them (showing them that there's sufficient interest around here) giving them some idea of what SOFT does, they may take it up. Then it is free advertisement for SOFT!
like wat others said..have regular gigs..visit they have regular gigs..and look at those venues..every gig surely got about 100-200..not dat much..they charge bout $5-$6 per entry (affordable rite?)..its a small hardcore community but the bond is very very very strong i must say..people from foreign countries like australia, germany, malaysia, indonesia, japan,HUNGARY, NEW YORK come down to perform and joke man..if a hardcore community can collect this much, im sure soft can do much better...organise regular a month or every 2 months..

i remembered a gig on national day last year at cuppage plaza nexus auditorium..old, small practise amps and karaoke mics direct to guitar amplifier..they once did dat when the the mics didnt work in d mid of performance..gig paused..organizers ran to the opp karaoke lounge and rented mics..most of them r students...but SYIOK MAN..all we want is to enjoy, have fun..the audience dont care coz they know who organised it..its it yourself budget gig..

I believe thru strong network bonds with various countries u can make it..dont always potray local talent here in singapore..if u wanna help local music..potray them outside of singapore..bring foreigners here them wat we've the same time u can promote soft rite? dont everytime show the same bands again and again..i oso sian..i dont mind animore if the band good or not..i want to laugh at those 'not so good bands' and see some least they gain some experience..what we want is a fun loving community..known or unknown bands..(they will be known aniwei) juz let them play a song or two..

and soon u will realise more & more ppl know bout soft..thats wat i tink
i think hor james.. is it possible to host a local music radio or stream of download local music for free section? im sure alot local bands dont mind having their music downloaded for free for promotion... not all lah.. a few of their nice ones...

den u start... or i mean.. we start to bring soft to more people.. so next time to people it would be a place.. and maybe the ONLY play to download local music.. if they find it nice lah... not many people is into forum reading and not many people is into music making also.. look at those threads... pickups.. guitars.. pianos.. gonna think what would a person whos not into music.. but just wanna find a few nice songs to download gonna do at soft?