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  • Yes, we do repairs for pedals, if the problem is specific, e.g. changing out a jack/switch, we can do it immediately. However,
    if its an unspecific problem. We would impose a bench fee of 20 dollars to debug/diagnose the fault on top of repair charges. Turnaround time ~ 2 weeks depending on my work queue.
    Hi there,

    Checked from some of your posts that you do Mods for wah pedals and such. Just checking if you do repairs for Boss pedals? It's not seriously damaged, just some mods that I attempted to do on my own using Monte Alums Kits but my signal degrades heavily upon playing and sometimes dies out. The pedals are a boss OD-3 and an MT-2. Let me know!


    Yes I can mod the switch to do standby.
    But its not really economical to upgrade the amp to a higher output, extra tubes have to be added in coupled with a bigger transformer which accounts for most of the cost.

    However, I can add in a additional tube in the pre-amp stage for a more pronouced tube overdrive sound since right now its more or less just a clean amp.
    Hi there I got yr contact from fellow softies. As you know that d Blackheart BH5H have a 3w-5w switch. Can i mod that switch into a standby switch? And my amp will stay @ 5watts permanently. Or if I just can upgrade the 5watts to even higher watt. Can you quote me to mod this amp? Cheers!
    Hi there, I just got a Vox 847A wah and would like some mods done to it (true bypass, pot change, LED?). I heard you're the man to do it in Singapore.. could you help me out?
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