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    hi, i accidentally double posted in the Buy/sell drums and my post is the one about WTS prototype hats. thanks are still around !
    I just login, I think i haven't login for more than one year. I remember Cheez !
    Hi Gerry, I'm actually not in Singapore at the moment. I come back maybe about once a year. So sorry about that. What about posting it in the forum to ask for keyboardists? You may get a reply there.
    Hi Cheez

    I got a lead from a fellow musician that you are a keyboadist.

    I am seeking an experienced keyboardist to do live performances with my music..would you interested or perhaps know of someone who might?

    Thank you very much!


    HP 8350 8725
    Hi. It's over already - last year! Maybe next time?

    Are you also playing for your church?
    Hallo. saw your forum post abt church keyboardist training. is it available to any Christians? thanks!
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