Bassist/Guitarist looking for band - Nu Metal, Shoegaze, Grungegaze, Alt Rock


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Hello! I'm a 21 yr old fella just fresh out of NS looking for a band to jam with and hopefully make songs together! I am still rather amateurish so would prefer something more casual but if it works out we can be pursue something more serious (Wow that sounds so wrong LOL). Either way, it's mainly about passion and fun :D

Plus side if you are good at production hehe

I am more comfortable with bass but I do have experience with guitar! I've been dabbling around with making music too! Here's an instrumental I made if you need a reference of what kinda songs I'm looking at. (I have loads more in Logic but this is the only one I'm confident that it's at LEAST decent hehe)

Bands I'm inspired by/ like:

- Deftones
- Split Chain
- Quannic
- Glare
- Boston Manor
- Amira Elfeky

Would love to try metal core stuff but I don't think I have the equipment or experience with that yet :(

Feel free to contact me! I'm pretty friendly (I think)
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