LF Lead Guitarist -- Forming Original Shoegaze/Dreampop/Alt-Rock Indie Band


New member

We are looking for a lead guitarist that love to abuse their pedals! We have big dreams of auditioning for music mentorship like Baybeats/Noise one day and perhaps get a chance to play gigs, with people listening to the things we create. If you love "noisy" and atmospheric music with barely audible vocals and memorable hooks, please consider joining us!

Currently we are a duo consisting of :
x1 Male Vocalist with a breathy/gentle tone (Also the songwriter and lyricist of the group)
x1 Bassist (and the brain of the group when it comes to music theory)

We are hoping to find a guitarist that will enjoy experimenting/creating music with us, and is not afraid of improvising and coming up with fun riffs/chord progressions. We're both super chill but at the same time quite motivated to write a lot until we have things ready to record/perform. Our age range is 20+.

Commitment is about 2 times a month to jam. Right now, we're writing/jamming at each other's place. Otherwise, we will split cost to jam at studios if this takes off.

If you're interested, we're inspired by other local indie acts like Sobs, Subsonic Eye and Blush. In terms of international bands, Deftones, Slowdive, the neverminds, Blanket, Softcult- feel free to check them out to have a sense of what we want to achieve. The genres range from shoegaze to alt-rock as we're still in the middle of developing our unique sound and hope to find someone that wants to be part of the journey.

Leave a message in my inbox with your telegram ID and a short intro about yourself if you're keen!

Thank you so much :)