Romantic things.


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I wanna see how creative musicians can be. Lol whats the most romantic thing, or some romantic things that u have did for a girl? playing guitar in the void deck? :smt021

i need suggestions.

i was thinking of going to the erm... esplanade there then take the dunno what boat thingy. then go ard singapore river i think. but ex. -.- suggest me something budget but romantic. beach? thought off. anywhere else?
-smacks forehead-

ok shes not my gf. say soon to be. =x im confident. lol so need a few more things to spice up stuffs. heh.

i realise boat ride is really boring. she will be concentrating on the guide rather than me. wont talk much. and also. u only get to see tall buildings. boring -.-
Wahlaneh serious ah chan? LOL

Too bad no gigs for me yet. Aiyooo i feel like bringing my guitar to the singapore river then sit there play. superrr laojiao man that way. LOL
Old fashion serenades never seems to fail...

Tues nites r open mic nites at Hard Rock Cafe.. Bring her there for a nice dinner then go up to the stage when she least expects it. Something original written or a love song she really likes will do the trick...

Gd luck~
gals are kinda ez to please lah. ie. if they not the "too much" kind. small little gestures also kena heart already. once, a fren did an instant improvisation in his studio, and named it "pauline". i tried hard not to smile continuously the whole day through like a silly cat :smt061 paiseh mah..

so newbie, like wat all the rest above said, everything works lah! gals really appreciate everything their guys do! have fun and good luck! :wink:
Once, she said.."dhalif.. tell me honestly.. are your guitars more important than me?"
i said. "You can fuk off."
dhalif said:
Once, she said.."dhalif.. tell me honestly.. are your guitars more important than me?"
i said. "You can fuk off."

WOOT~ what happen after?

newbie..ur esplandae guitar tinggies..boat ride is alright..well juz hold her hand when she least expect..and hold it till shes home :D some gal may like this kinnda surprises :wink: since your already confident that it will succeed right?

what a gentleman..hahaha
all i did was the gig thingy..
play play then everyone stop, point and smile and confess..den play again..haha in the middle of the song.haha
hahaha lol, if there ever was. then those "top" students get to snag all the hot chicks liao....left nothing for the "dropouts" who couldnt fathom the essence of the formula :eek: but seems like there are generally 2 types of girls, 1 who loves you and your guitar obsession or 1 who loves you but hates ur guitar obsession.

lif, serious ah? tot she might fall for your badass attitude hahaha
no seriously guys.. if ur instrument is a part of you.. u spend half of your lifetime on it... u know you give equal amount of love.. and one day she just says that.. you guys would ditch the guitars?. i think not.. when she have that mindset already.. oh boy u guys in for lotsa trouble.. if she can't accept your guitars, she can't accept you. it's like telling you to stop drinking water.

and what i said about not having any formulas.. doesnt have any planned way. at the spur of the moment, you do it or not, you do this or not. all goes natural baby..
true....i will not ditch my passion. rather, it's been crazy with GAS and stuffs like that but in a primitive way, guitar brings me joy. i guess im pretty lucky that my girl enjoys music as much as i do.

to give up guitar just cos the girl says so, it speaks so much of what kind of person u are. :smt117 hahahah kidding
Eh come on man. Im not saying abt ditching my guit lah. Hahaha but how i even get a deep impression marked in her mind mah. something nice and creative. i mean we put it this way, i havent even started.

pinkspider; wah hold her hand i scared later she freak out sia hahaha.

true lah succeed but shes somehow trying to know me better now lor.
alamak eh i need methods man. to like leave a deep impression.

AHHH shes like my guitar playing -.- LOL ok so yeah. what methods. sea side? =/ boat quay enjoy evening views?
dhalif said:
if she can't accept your guitars, she can't accept you. it's like telling you to stop drinking water...

Well said, you're the MAN.

Personally, never had smooth life with the ladies, so that rules out a whole bunch of problems i could potentially encouter :wink: It's just me and guitar :D