Which bands are satanic?

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As a catholic I have tried not to listen to satanic bands' music...but recently i m so confused.
Tougues around the net have been wagging Slipknot and Iron Maiden, Metallica blah blah are satanic , personally i doubt so haha
So wud like to discuss this wif u guys.
Share ur views haha
hahah...iron maiden and slipknot satanic??? hahah well its just image... black metal music is not all about satan worshipping...u should try open up a bit more... aniways its just music... oh god
haha nt realli i still luv iron maiden and slipknot
juz that i wanna clarify my doubts....haha and maybe have a lil more knowledge
but serious i dun think they are....haha
Cradle of Filth one satanic band. Judas Priest? No idea...haha
great singer, cool twin lead guitars if u can get around the words and his beliefs.

If you want to hear the real deal, you could do worse than to try out:

"Deicide" - Deicide (Roadracer, 1990)

These guys are practicing Satanists (lead vocalist/bassist has an inverted cross branded into his forehead) and all they sing about is Satan. Personally, I find the whole thing ludicrous - cartoon metal lyrics, virgin sacrifices, goat heads, but the music is damn intense. At the time this record hit the scene in '90, it blew virtually everything else away for sheer speed, technicality and brutality. It still stands up pretty well today (despite the hilarious imagery).
in my opinion , satanism isnt always about satanists or cult stuff or wat . its about doing whats against religious practice . such as premaritial sex etc . You see those clubbers drinking away their nights and sticking their sticks into other ppl , now thats satanic.

And don't worry bout these bands, listening to satanic music can either hurt your faith or make it stronger . Depends on how you take it...
17wil said:
Share ur views haha

Hey what the??!!!Where u hear this?Lolxxxx!!When were u born siaaaa!!!Dont be confuse laaa brother....!!!! Lol!!!
Buat Klaka kappa!!! :smt082
Hey ,,i got one satanic band,maybe u know...hmmm let me see.....
Boys to men....LOL!!!! :smt043
okie, before this become a religious discussion, i just want to say, "It is not what others are doing, it is what you are doing."

and ya, go easy on this topic. no hardcore religious stuff.
Good point Mr. Soft. And remember! Don't offend other softies. Some of us might be satanic too! :roll: :p

I heard Slayer is satanic although their drummer went to Catholic school. :?
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