If u like my songs and singing, get me in your band!


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2017 - I wrote and recorded my first song titled 'Smile;Eyes' (a soft acoustic rock ballad depicting a serial killer mesmerized by the smile and eyes of his victim)

At the same time, wrote another song and have it recorded, titled 'Nothing Carries On'..

Here are the clips:

Smile;Eyes: https://soundcloud.com/mic-kwok/smile-eyes
Nothing carries on: https://soundcloud.com/mic-kwok/02-nothing-carries-on
I have other songs that i wrote in past few years... just that i do not have the time and focus to put everything together.. and i am not doing well in my career... So its all shelved up...

After so many years, i think i will like to sing again. (be it cover or originals...but hopefully the latter)...
The unfortunate fact: most bands here only keen in doing covers.. But i can understand... who wouldn't love to listen and cover stuff like Enter Sandman, Nothing Else matters, Fade to Black, Sweet Child O mine etc...blah blah blah...

So anyway, it doesn't matter. I will love to touch the mic again... If circumstances allow, i do hope my originals can see the light of day.. or also to change the structure of the song 'Nothing Carries On' to be electric (to have rhythm and lead guitars, bass, drums...)
So if u like the kind of songs i wrote, if you like my kind of singing (though i know i am not the best), if you like my attitude, and if u think i am good for ur band, pls do hit me up.

Fyi.. i am in my 40s...
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