Female drummer 70s-00s rock/alt/metal


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Would love to be in an all girl band but down with anyone who'd have me 🤭. Some bands I'd like to cover:
-iron maiden
-deep purple
- sepultura
- Metallica
- pantera
- Soundgarden
-smashing pumpkins
-tool and dream theater but doubt I can pull it off lol
And many more. These are just some bands which are up my alley and obviously we don't have to have a 100% match in taste. 70% would be a good start 😜
I'm in my 40s, with a family and career and another band so hoping to meet nice, considerate peeps who aren't arseholes. Besides making music, it'd be cool to have buddies with good chemistry. Get me on tele @G1rlfromars
Peaceout ✌️