Drummer looking for Prog Rock/Metal band


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Hi There,

I am expat, ~40 yo, been in SG for 13 years. I am not a professional musician, and have a (sometime demanding) corporate job as my main occupation.
Been gigging in Singapore and in Europe for the past 20 years (funk, party, rock covers and originals).
Now looking for talented and experienced musicians to play prog rock with style, quality, energy and charisma.

So I am looking to join forces with an existing band that has live experience to either do covers or originals in the Prog Rock/Djent/metal genre (or related).
Goal is to play gigs, wear black clothes, deliver quality shows, entertain the crowd, get the mosh pit going, and have fun :-D
No ambition to become full-time drummer (just saying....) but does not mean i don't want to deliver pro quality in live shows :)

Some artists you may be inspired by (non exhaustive of course) : Periphery, Deftones, Plini, Karnivool, Dream theatre, Depeche mode, Porcupine tree, Jeff Buckley, Tool, Rammstein, Architects, Animals as leaders, Northlane, Tesseract, Contorsionist, Intervals, Polyphia....mainly 90-00s onwards bands.

Even though i might not be as technical as the drummers from some of the bands above, i can still hold grooves with technical and subtle arrangements. I'd rather focus on serving the song rather than doing a demonstration of my chops and rolls. I am a fan of groovy/aerial rythms mixed with heavy sections.
I can also work with backing tracks, IEM, clicks, and hybrid setup (Analog/Digital), i think this genre fits nicely with this type of drum section arrangements.

You can check out my description, videos (mainly pop covers) and contact me here : https://bit.ly/sessastien

Note : Sorry but no begginers or bands with no live experience :) Hope you understand.
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