what to get ? guitar ? amp ?


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im planning to get either a guitar or an amp..

my current gear include a Ibanez GRX40 and 10watt amp ( from beginner package) , a boss ds2 and a korg ax1500g ..

what shld i get ?? a guitar or an amp ?

what would affect the quality of the tone more ??
The things most likely to affect your tone are:

1) Your fingers
2) The amp
3) The guitar

How much do you want to spend?
haha.. that 1 not too sure .. depends on what i wanna buy .

i wanna noe if a normal player ... not gd not bad .. plays ah .. with a beginner guitar on a gd amp will sound nicer . or a gd guitar with a lousy amp ?
ah .. i always get this kinda ans ... haha

lets talk in the equipment point of view then .. which plays a larger role ?
haha .. ok .. sorry if i appeared a little rude ?? just now .

guitar ah .. oh ok .. for metal .. wat kinda guitar would u intro ?
actually amp is equally important i think...ok...take it this way...if your budget is not too high...guitar is important for the feel and contributes to tone as well..if the guitar is not comfortable (body shape, neck etc.) then i'd advise you not to get it...amp gives you many sounds to play with esp modelling amps like cube 30, valvetronix line 6 etc.
guitar... the feel of the guitar is most important... once you get the feel, tone is inevitable... you'll get the tone your feel demands... thats why dhalif said skills...
metal ah? when i was playing with a nightwish cover band longggg time ago.. i used a Jackson.. dinky model i think.. really not bad..

edit : to add on.. i think ibanez and jackson offer some good stuff man..
get a zakk walde epiphone signature, just like...........hahahaha. Get ibanez RG, i think good. U got multiefx to make up for the tone what, i think get a guitar IMHO.
i read from somewhere on this forum, the group of friends they have 1 entry level, then when they move on, they sell to their friends the entry level. Then the friend to the same. U get guitar, sell a lower price to brandon, so brandon save up for amp only loh.
ya hor .. i ask him .. c he wan anot .. better i sell him the guitar + amp ah .. then i can buy amp with guitar again .haha. .
wah someone got money hor....LOL. sell both amp and guitar woooooooor... :lol:

So what u plan to get? after exam if eng no work, go shopping lah. If u wanna have a floyd rose bridge, despite what mr sub said about it, i think the RG320FM is a good investment. Plus, it shld be mod worthy too.That's jus my opinion. Maybe a J&D guitar might kicked the ibanez 320's a$$.
and ya .. plz intro me a ibanez guitar .. similar to the S series 1s .. really love the S series .. i would wan something of that sort .. neck with binding plz .haha
hey siva. lemme try to ans ur question. well i haf a PRS guitar. cost me a few thousands needless to say a superb guitar. i put it thru a cheapo laney hardcore amp n it sounded like sh*t. then recently i went to sweelee and tried out the peavey tripleX amp and de guitar i used to test the amp didnt even come up to more than $400. but the sound was more amazing than wat my PRS can achieve with a lousy amp thus..

beginner guitar with good amp is better than beginner amp with good guitar.

however if u can only afford one of either i would recommend buying a gd guitar so u can bring along to gig. better to haf a good guitar to bring along n use the lousy equipment provided than to use beginner guitar thru lousy setup. get what i mean?

since u mentioned playing metal ill have to recommend buying a guitar with humbuckers. for thicker heavier sound. ibanez is still an industry standard at affordable prices. hope this helps.. :D
yea .. man .. tts the kinda ans i love man .haha.. ok .. so a guitar .. im lookin at smth like a rg321 but with a floyd rose bridge.. is a bri impt ? cos its for tricks kinda shit rite ?

wat guitar would u recommend ??