SOLD WTS: Epiphone Casino hollowbody guitar in turquoise finish

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Hi all, I'm selling a Epiphone Casino made in China, in turquoise finish. Bought from Swee Lee in April 2021. Setuped with .10 gauge strings. The chrome parts are somewhat tarnished (if that's the word to out the pics to see what I meanšŸ˜ The pickup selector switch knob has a slight chip but the switch is working well.

The mods I did to it were having the stock pickups rewound to a vintage output. I send them to Mr Jerry Sentell in USA to have them rewound. The stock pickups were ridiculously high output at around 10-13K ohms and I had to back off the gain on my amp to get a decent clean tone. If you Google online about this issue, you'll see current Casino users complaining about the high output of the stock pickups. After the rewound, the pickups sound more better in cleans and can still get an bluesy overdriven tone. I can still increase the amp gain to play punk and alternative rock without sounding too distorted. Check out the pics of the rewound pickups values when measured with my multimeter.

I removed the pickguard cos I think it looks better without it. Will put back the pickguard once I have a confirmed buyer. Comes with a Ibanez gig bag specially designed to fit hollowbody guitars.

Total cost of buying the guitar, bag and having the pickups rewound cost me about $1K. I'm selling at $600( slight neg). No trades cos I prefer cash. Thanks for reading šŸ˜

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