SOLD WTS: Early 1971 Fender Stratocaster Hendrix 4 bolt Single String Tree

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‼️RARE‼️ Hendrix Era Stratocaster‼️

Selling on behalf of a friend. Contact me at 9698seven937 if keen.

Before Fender went to the infamous 3 bolt neck plate in mid/late '71, this simply awesome Stratocaster was born. This still has the 4 bolt neck plate and a single string tree associated with Hendrix era big head stock stratocaster. Now, this stratocaster was heavily played as you can see in how the body and neck relic'ed over time. This has been gigged many times with a lot of battle scars evoking Rory Gallagher, John Frusciante, John Mayer, type of strat scars. And because of this, it is expected that some parts will have to be replaced to make it playable. As described below.

Based on my inspection, I can say that:

1. Neck is original with stamp of 22MAR71B. Tuners and string tree with nylon spacer are original. The back of the neck is bare. Likely a refret and new nut just because the guitar would need to have one done as it was played alot. Right now, the playability of the instrument is good.

2. Body is original from the shape of the pickup routing, body marks. Original finish of black as there are no paint inside screw holes and neck pocket has no other shades then black and the standard undercoat of yellow.

3. Serial number #29xxxx placed it on late 1970. But I believe that this stratocaster was assembled and made playable in early 1971, making it a '71 strat.

4. Plastics - knobs and pickup covers are original. Pickguard is not original to the Stratocaster but it is an old and rare turquoise pickguard. And given the shielding, it might be a mid 60s pickguard.

5. Hardware - saddles and tremolo block were changed to Callaham, a well known vintage replacement aftermarket manufacturer. Bridge plate, output jack, spring claw, strap buttons are original. Trem springs are replacements except maybe one is original.

6. Electronics - middle pickup was replaced with a pickup having a black fibre bobbin. Unsure of the year of production. could be earlier than 70s. Looking at the pickup poles, they seem to age together at the same time. Thus, it could be a replacement done early in its life. The neck and bridge are original 71 pickups. CTS pots are replacements. 3-way switch CRL 1452 is original. Wiring has been touched as the pots were changed. Ground wire to the spring claw was also once removed and re-attached.

7. This stratocaster comes with no case.

8. Sound - Awesomeness 👌👏

9. Weight - 3.5KG

I recommend this to the vintage loving folks who dont want to fork out big $$$ straight away. You can start by buying this and slowly restore it part by part (i.e., pots, pickguard, mid pickup, trem spring, saddles, block) in your own time. This strat, when fully restored, can go up to $12k to $15k. At $7.1K, you have a good base to start for a restoration project.

BTW, the finish may be worn but its original Black and it looks awesome up close. I tried to get its beauty from the pics. Enjoy
Pic 1.JPG
Pic 2.JPG
Pic 3.JPG
Pic 4.JPG
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