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  • Bro. Am the long hair guy U saw at Beez today. Just sent a friend's request. Nice to meet you.
    right,.. just wondered how teslas singlecoil size rails would sound like.. I know Dimarzios have the best singlesize rails.. thanks!
    yeh Dimarzios are great they say, but i just wanna experiment on these teslas,.. but do you think Tesla is pale to compare with Dimarzio and Duncans?
    ei, can I ask about the TESLA RS pickup performance? any pup that would sound in comparison to other brands like seymour?
    Dear Faizal,
    Thanks for the prompt reply. Truly appreciate for your constructive suggestion and I'll write to them for their assistance/help. I hope you don't mind if I use your name as a refferal in my pm to them.Cheers and have a pleasant weekend. Regards,Gilbert Lai.( will catch the Rainbow till the Sun)
    Thks Faizal for the youtube FM link! I shall watch it next week as i was rather occupied today!

    Have a great long wkend ahead! You're the bestest Pool fan I know! :mrgreen:
    Oh ok! Sorry i didn't see the friend request till just! Anyhow, i caught 2 epi's of the Nanny last night on Hallmark. Hilarious! That show still cracks me up! To think she waited so many yrs for Max to finally make his move! Hai yo!
    hey did you leave me a friend request? no right? i thought we're already friends on soft? no?
    Actually, I saw some pics of Jaleel White & he's really far from nerdy looking like his character Urkel. No, i didn't watch Sonic la unfortunately.
    Yea the laughing gas worked wonders on him! He has itchy hands! Always wanting to touch touch, see see, play play. HAHA...and then get into trouble!

    But it's kinda sad too what happened with the son who was pulled over cos he was black. It's sad cos it's still happening till today in USA.
    Oh I was on a long mc!

    Yea, i watched the episode where Urkel went to the dentist. Haha. Funny, man! Also been watching some of The Nanny on youtube too. And i found a website to watch Everybody Loves Raymond online! Yay! :mrgreen:
    Heya Faizal! Sorry I've been MIA for sometime! HAHA! Anyways, i was watching some episodes of Family Matters on youtube & damn, it reminded me of just how much I used to love that sitcom!! Urkel is hilariously hilarious!
    hey mann. remember the guy you met at beez with the white explorer on sat? hahaha thats meee.
    btw sweet strat and playing u have thereHAHA
    Hey Faizal. Yea I know they show it on Hallmark but I've seen the re-runs like many times over & over already..Haha. They keep repeating their re-runs la. Yea, actually C.C. is pretty. It's just a pity that her character's so bitchy. Haha. I like Gracie too, the youngest daughter. Her smile is so sweet! Melts my heart!
    Wah, I wonder what the hell european country he's from! It's so weird & has the potential to be annoying too.

    Yeah but the Nanny is great! Niles, the butler, is outstanding in that sitcom! And I like Fran's greedy mom too, Sylvia. Yeah, i need to buy Season 3 on dvd soon! Gonna get it off ebay. :razz:
    Yea I think his name was Balki! But what was up with the strange accent?? Wonder where he was apparently from! Yea, i used to religiously follow the sitcom "The Nanny" too. Love that show!
    In my younger days, i recall watching a sitcom called "Perfect Strangers" & one of the dudes spoke with a very strong accent, like Italian or French i think.

    I should chk if they have those episodes on youtube! =)
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