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  • Yea i found the epis on youtube! Yay! I'm gonna watch some at work! I used to love that comedy!! His pants always made me laugh!! =)

    Thks for re-introducing me to this fav comedy of mine!
    OMG! You mean they have episodes of "Family Matters" on Youtube???? FANTABULOUS!! I shall go & watch them & have the time of my life!! I used to love that show so much when I was younger! But i can't really remember much about it. Think i was too young then. D

    Do they have many episodes on youtube?
    Hey Faizal!! Your avatar looks like "Erkel"!! Is it him?? I used to love that comedy! But i've forgotten the title!! I liked the way he wore his pants like so damn high!
    I wanted to say what Junior_ said a month ago. And i realized the reply too will be apt for me. Haha. Nice meeting you Faizal!
    Hey bro

    you looking for a bassist for your band? I am one, but due to school, i've stopped for a bit but now i'm back on track again. I am looking for a band and I saw your ad.

    I'm quite interested to be honest. And since my style is blues/rock, i think i can do well in your band.

    Do let me know. My number is 82843192. My name is Dominic. =)
    Oh yeah. You got dat right! Would be a whole different story if this were a dedicated football forum...well, i for one would opt out! headache lah!
    Oh no....Pool fan, huh? Nvm, we make peace, not war. Plus, dissing other teams is very draining!! :)
    Hi Faizal, about the tele neck and body.... need to know how thick the neck is. Is it a full 1 inch thick? If yes then I will seriously consider. Thanks. Oh ya, will get the body as well.
    hi there,

    maxon od808 still available??
    hey bro, appreciate your efforts to hype up the support for the Singapore football team. cheers! go Lions!
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