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  • Hi there...

    Yeah I'm chilled now... He's a big A-hole. Oh well.. nothing i can do about it lol. Same here, I think I'll refrain from going to Davis unless I'm getting some stuff that aren't sold in other places.
    lol ur avatar look like Patah from x japan when it s small.. have a nice day
    hell yeah the razorback explosion, pure dime with flame on it \m/. hmm btw what kind of music you're into now? can tell from your display pic that you're into 60's rock n roll?? just wondering..
    my ML damn chio horx hurhur...=D not only is it good for metal it is a guitar designed for comfort, standing and especially sitting. and hey, you can shred while doing that totally awesome dimebag stance y' know?? will be getting a razorback so yeah, double awesomeness dude!
    dude!! i wanted to give you some rep but accidentally deducted it.. i'll give it back i promise..
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