if u need gear fixed — here’s a great person — even fixes vintage gear


hey! if you ever need your gear fixed (guitar fx, amp or synth repairs) do i know a great person for you.

i wasn’t asked to do this, it was such a great personal experience i had that i had to put this somewhere.

i found a yamaha portasound ps 400 (released in 1982, also it’s a pretty vintage keyboard) near my block’s dumpster and some parts of it did not work due to years of neglect.

i sought out help from madam data (@madamdatasoundlabs on IG), and they managed to fix and care for it and has restored it to its' full glory!

i loved how they were enthusiastic in the keyboard too - it really made me realize how much of a passion they have for instruments/musical stuff and fixing them!

i also really really appreciate them creating an adapter for quarter inch cables by themselves for me - i didnt ask for it, so it was very thoughtful of them. they were really friendly in explaining certain things to me as well.

do check out @madamdatasoundlabs ' services, hit them up if you need anything fixed.


they are truly awesome! thanks :)

you can check out how the keyboard is working now from my IG post videos here: