What made you start learning your .... ??


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Well! for me i started learning guitar as a dare. When i was sec1, i thought it was seriously too difficult and fretting alone killed my delicate fingers. Then after a few months, this girl *im thankful to her* came along and she plays pretty well, as you might have guessed it, she dared me to learn guitar and sorta "reach her standard". well... i started just like that!

So what made you start learning your instrument? the girls swooning all over your feet when you play your guitar? realise you have a passion for drumming when u practiced percussion on your beer belly? think you can be cooler than ______ (put any bass professional's name here) ?
started drumming when i was 12.. didn't hit my belly to make want to learn drums though. :p it was just a liking for drums last time as my friend wanted to see if i have a flair for drumming.. so i started since then. passion grew deeper when i was 13, jamming with my church pianist. :)
i learn guitar cos i wanted to look cool like Page, at least he looked cool to me. BUt after that i listened to more stuff and they sound damn cool to me. So i wanted to sound cool and practise more.

Repulse, do is the girl from our sch one?
Play guitar because I was too obsess with Iron Maiden(cough) and start learning a song by buying myself a cheap sake $10 Accoustic Guitar at the shop under my block. Played bass when I found an old electric bass in the storeroom and my band need a bassist anyway, so yeah... Been a bassist ever since...
started playing the electric because of my crazy idea of starting a band with my friend... what inspired me to practice and not leave my guitar to rust was jimmy page. ultimate wowness :lol:
started playing cuz i got inspired by blink 182, and heard some sum41 stuff n that got me into the world of technical guitaring.... was introduced malmsteen by a friend who works at yamaha n really got me into the whole lead guitar playing...
started 2 years ago when i fractured mi left foot, at home so sian, and too lazy to hop all the way to the provision 2 blocks away to buy cigarettes to pass time, picked up mi dad's guitar which mi grandfather bought for him, which makes me the 3rd generation in the family to play the guitar, anw mi biggest inspiration back then to learn guitar was john mayer, den it was blink 182, den a year later it was joe satriani, and now is mainly joe and john
Mr_X said:
DUN BLUFF! U see maiko from ZONE pretty and playing bass so u also play bass!


i'm innocent, man........


1) i've been hearing metallica since their kill 'em all album.......

2) i get 2 hear zone from u lei, mr x

3) maiko not chio lei....... how many times must i tell u Mizuho more chio..... hahahaha........

hahahaha....... :twisted:
hay88 said:
cos i thought it would make me look cool.

what the hell? i also play for the same reason,hahahaha,but later i found out that its kinda fun to play music =)
coz i found out that the girl i liked back in primary 5 (1999) was VERY musically proficient, in piano, and hell...i wanted to learn sth too.. It started out as an innocent obsession, but i didn't put much effort into it.

Only started out to learn seriously around secondary 2, and you know, those puppy loves, a couple of girls here n there...

yeah...and now...the guitar's my darlin wife! =)

anyway...the story went on and now, i'm with that girl who i liked back in p5, plays for Church, and in my band.
i saw the november rain video where slash was standing on the grand piano and i jus knew i wanted to play that thing whatever it was. so got miself an acoustic and it all went on from there...
...I don't really remember why I started drums. I think it was from watching my classmates play in music lessons (we had 3 drummers in our class back then). Then probably I started because I wanted to play something different that doesn't make a melody.