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Hi! If you...

• Only have your singing recorded in your voice memos
• Aspire to be like J.Fla one day with millions of views on her YouTube Videos
• Need a beat to blaze your bars (rap) across
• Can shred till the cows come home but your looper pedal is holding your talents back
• Have an amazing band and ready to show the about who you are
• Want to make a cover as a tribute to singers like JJ Lin/Drake/Billie Eilish/Maroon 5/Ed Sheeran
• Want to share the joy of with your family and friends, featuring you

...then you have come to the right place!

I'm a Music and Audio graduate who is offering a super affordable but industry sounding Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Producing services!

For the lowest price on the market of $20/hr
I can help you actualise your dreams of starting a YouTube channel doing covers, streaming your very own music on Spotify, or just to have a few songs to keep as cool and great sounding tunes to show off to your family and friends!

Genres that I can do:
Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Metal, Post Hardcore, Post Rock, Indie Pop & Rock, Alternative Rock etc

Q: Why $20/hr and not $70/hr?
A: I have 6 years of experience, recording/mixing/mastering/producing for my friends and myself.
I wish to build credibility and reputation for my services, and formally start a career as an Audio Engineer/Music Producer.

Q: So, what can I get for $20/hr?
A: You can have...

• Original Music, made just for you with no copyrights infringement
I can write Guitar, Piano, Violin, Bass & Synthesizers' parts. Includes exotic instruments like Guzheng (Hello Oriental Music Fans!), Harp and Saxophone!
At the end of the day, this song will be 100% yours, written with no copyright materials used ❌©️

• Beats
If you need lit beats so that you can rap over them, I can program and make them as well.
I'm able to do both Electronic or Acoustic

• Vocals sound like you're
Ever wonder how huge and bigger-than-life your favourite singers sound in their songs? That's mainly because of good audio production done to them.
With cloudevelic's production, your vocals will receive the same golden pampering that your idols receive

• Cinematic/dramatic atmosphere in your song(s)
If you would like your song to sound like a movie soundtrack, I can achieve this

• Professionally Mixed and Mastered song(s)
I can mix and master your song(s) according to what existing songs you would like yours to sound like.
Able to select Mastering for platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, CD or all of the above

• No limits on song(s) revisions and changes
I understand that new inspiration can strike us at any moment. So with that in mind, you can request for unlimited revisions and changes at any point in time of the project duration!
I am more than happy to work on making your song perfect, according to your image

Q: What can I expect from working with you?
A: You can expect a smooth, holistic and transparent experience here at cloudevelic's production.
At the start of every project, I would like to find out about your influences, inspirations, and emotions
Share with me as much as you can, so that I can sculpt your song(s) and let it touch your audience like how you feel

You will also receive updates on every milestone in the project until completion ✅

Q: How will I receive the song(s)?
A: You will receive the song(s) in 48khz, 24bit WAV by default.
However, if you would like me to provide other specs such as 32 bit or mp3, I'm able to cater to that as well!

I offer money-back-guarantees by letting you preview the audio first, and only when you're satisfied, will I request for payment and send you the final file.

Message me at 9018 5733 now, and enjoy a further 20% off your total bill. $20/hr + 20% off; it doesn't get better than that

Let's make your dream sound into reality!

*Note: For Mixing and Mastering, please send your audio stems in at least 48khz and 24 bit WAV file. 32 bit will be the best!
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