*MIDI Sequencer*


to all the students in Singapore who have listened to


Album 她妈的眼睛

and are wondering how you can achieve doing your own music arrangement one day?

not that far in today's technology given your budget and knowledge of how music arrangement works.

you can either do Analog or MIDI

Analog means just strum a guitar and sing into an Audio Editor. The wave files captured are what they are.


if you want to use a keyboard to play a string of melodies, and you are using a MIDI Sequencer,
it means that after recording, the data is capture in 1s and 0s.. and can be altered easily with a mouse-click

eg change key from Cmajor to Eb Major...

Many DAWs allow both Analog and MIDI sequencing... meaning you can have partial live drumming, bass, guitars, and live vocals recording, coupled with a digital keyboard effects, which is what i called a Sky FUSION Arrangement .

Many professional music arrangers in the market uses MAC based Logic Pro X, that is no secret... some use Ableton Live 10.
There are many more and you can easily google...

but what matters is your technical skill in pieceing together multi-instruments with frequencies that complement and not clash.
That is both a science and an art, which good music arrangers achieve after at least 10 years into business.

You can start by arranging a 5-track (layer), with drums, bass, guitar, keys and vox... and see if you can mix well...
after the 5-track, you may add strings, effects etc...

challenge yourself to eventually build about 12-15 layers in your sequencer for a FULL arrangement, that is what it should be to sound professional.

try not to make the mistake of thinking that by
buying an expensive
arrangement software
you can become a pro in 1-2 years
the question is, do you know how to use the
software to its potential?

remember, it is not the software that makes you a great arranger... meaning not the weapon you wield, but rather...

your understanding of the Science & Art of arrangement... your 武功... which you just need time and practice... and when i mean Wugong, it also covers the mastery of the musical instruments you play.

I wish all young Arrangers success!

^ ^

Music Arranger (self-taught)

ps: when i first started music arrangement in 2004, many people laughed at my works... and i thank them now for the energy they gave me...
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Wave file: Analog or Digital?

The default content of a WAV file is uncompressed, pulse code modulated (PCM) digital samples derived from the analog source. However, WAV files can also be used to store compressed formats, including MP3, ADPCM, GSM, G.723.1 and others.

When I say "Analog in DAW", what I actually mean is that the source is Analog, eg live vocals..

Some older generation MIDI sequencers do not allow recording of live vocals inside the software, but this problem has been resolved years ago... So you can now add live vocal tracks along-side with your MiDI keyboard...

And if you are not happy with the tone of your 'piano sound' , you can change it via a mouse-click.. because it is all digital samples.

On the other hand , if you record using a live piano , and try to edit or distort the timbre of the sound AFTER recording, the end product may sound Horrible like some politicians.
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