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LickByNeck is a solo fingerstyle chord melody guitar portal, with a twist.
There are 2000+ songs arranged in solo fingerstyle guitar format for users to learn, FREE.

What so unique about this guitar site is it uses animated fretboard to teach fingerstyle guitar playing. You don't need to know how to read music notation to play all the songs available on this site, you just need to follow the dots on the screen. Beside the animated software format, all the songs are available in TAB, chord grids , audio and video format.

Fatt, the founder of the site, started this site to train his solo guitar arranging skill. He arranged, recorded, produced , uploaded a solo guitar song everyday without fail for a period of 5 years. And he made all songs available for free. The site had been liked by people around the world.

Here are some testimonials:

One of the Guitar Instructional Video Producer commented:

"Lickbyneck - the future of jazz guitar tuition
I've just discovered your site (via Youtube)and can't believe how good it is. At first I was impressed purely by the Joe Pass transcriptions but then discovered your own arrangements and they are all first class.

I'm a producer of music tuition video/dvd and buy dozens of books for research purposes and find many of the arrangements of standards unguitaristic(!) and, often, unmusical. Not so yours.

As for the program, I can't wait for a commercial version to be available;I'd use it all the time. Many congrats on a well-thought out program that will replace my use of Guitar Pro. Tell me when!

Keep up the good work - I'll try to spread the word from my end.
Mel Reeves
Guitar Instructional Video/DVD Producer-"Play Jazz Guitar NOW!" and other fine products"

During this COvid 19 lockdown, Fatt improved the already well-loved LickByNeck software to make it into a Live Stream guitar teaching system. The new version is even more engaging and intuitive. It displays the instructor's playing into TAB , chord grids and chord names in REAL-TIME, in addition of the existing animated fretboard visualization system. The instructor is able to freeze the TAB and draw on it to give explanation and break down of what he/she played. Within days of the system debut, there were already a few enquiries on the availability of such system.

With this new enhanced version, Fatt continue his tradition of giving free online lessons. Since 8th May 2020, he started live stream guitar lessons on LickByNeck FB page and the followers were loving it.
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